No Lunche Por Me! + If It Fits, I Sits

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Lol)
Quote Of The Day: “I had a great lunch and I forgot it. Whomp whomp.” -Juse

Well this morning was a fail. I had rotisserie chicken for lunch but when I left the house, Bagel was scratching at the TV so me and reason A were scolding him frantically afraid that he would damage the TV screen and in the midst of all the chaos… I left my lunch at home. Nooooo!!! I was so looking forward to it! Lol. Such a fail. I ended up just grabbing an extra breakfast sandwich and saved it til lunch and then I got a container of watermelon at Publix. Whomp whomp.

The good thing though is that I am FREE~!! No Bossman, no Bosslady! Just me, just me!! I totally slacked off. I didn’t come dressed in my PJ’s like hypothetically badass me wanted to but I did do nothing but watch TV all day. Lol. Well on my computer of course. I’m going back and watching old Law & Order episodes cuz I’m all caught up on Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds, so there’s nothing to watch.

Will is coming over tomorrow to pick up some cat stuff I’ve accumulated for him and he’s in a tight spot this month and needs a box of cat litter. So I said I’d give him a box. I brought home an empty box from work so I could put all his stuff in it and when I went to the worm room to gather all his stuff, I left the box in the living room. When I came out, this is what I found:


“If it fits, I sits!” -Muffin


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