Oil Change + Out & About With reason A

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Out and About)
Quote Of The Day: “This chicken is just so good.” -reason A

So today I had to get my ass up super early to get my oil changed. The only good thing about getting up early besides it not being super hot outside is the earlier u start your day, the earlier u can finish it. Saturdays are always ridiculously busy for me cuz its my “errand running day”. I try to do all my errands in one day so I can have a full day to stay home and rest. I usually do it Sat. cuz on Sun. a lot of places close early and I don’t wanna be tired then head to work the next day.

After the oil change me and reason A had a quick lunch and we headed out! This is the highlight of her week I think. Getting to go out and we do love shopping. She still had some Mother’s Day money left so I took her to Hobby Lobby again where she bought some watercolor paper and brushes. She loves buying art supplies and since I always print the 40% coupon that they forever have, its a good deal!

Afterwards we went to Khols cuz I had a $10 + 20% off coupon and we bought some clothes. Such a good deal! I got her two shirts cuz she always wears these ugly ass shirts. And its was sooo hot outside! It was only 80 something degrees! I’m going to die in the summer if its always that hot! I think when we hit 90, I’m just gonna stay home and be a hermit. -__-;;

We did some grocery shopping and stopped by Costco before heading home. We grabbed a rotisserie chicken on our way back cuz its such a good deal at Costco. Usually reason A and I can make two dinners out of it, and a lunch for me to take to work and all 3 cats can have 2 meals of chicken too, for only $4.99! Lol. But it is such a struggle trying to eat chicken with the cats. Muffin never jumps up on me or scratches me but when I’m eating chicken at the dinner table she goes loco. She tried climbing my leg and although she didn’t scratch me, she dug her nails in my thigh!! I screamed bloody murder, and she ran away. Literally there are like 8 little holes in my thigh now. Great, I look like a druggie. -__-;; FML.


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