I Am 32, My Memory is 85 + Awkward Bossman Convos

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Gosh)
Quote Of The Day: “Thanks for everything Sandy.” -Bosslady

I’ve always had bad memory but I can tell that by the time I’m an old fart I will literally be walkin’ around like I have dementia even if I don’t cuz I won’t remember shit. It usually gets worse with stress. When I’m under stress, sometimes I can’t even finish my own sentences. Like its just that bad! I will lose my train of thought in the mist of the thought! *EPIC FAIL* That’s why I hate when people interrupt me cuz I can’t pick it back up. *SAD FACE*

However, ever since I got the cats, I think both me and reason A’s health has gotten significantly better. reason A is off her meds! Wow!! Who knew cats could cure kidney disease! Lol. Had I known that having a pet was this advantageous, I honestly would have gotten a pet many light years ago. Ugh. So much quality time wasted, its a shame.

Today was very awkward, cuz I had to work with Bossman by myself. I hate when that happens cuz he always tries to make small talk and I honestly am not trying to converse with him so I give him one word answers as I am staring at my computer. I know its rude, but at the same time, why be polite with someone who’s already a rude ass right?? I couldn’t wait for this day to be over! Arg….


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