Hubs Paperwork Update

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Fed Up)
Quote Of The Day: “What man doesn’t round up?” -Juse

So I finally after all these months have started on the next step in Kenny’s paperwork. Whew! This whole process is just so exasperating. I can’t stand it. I think its been a little over two months since I got the letter saying we can go ahead and apply for a visa. But it took over a month for Kenny to get his criminal background check documents. Get it together! It was partly his fault, and partly just the fail of a government but whatever.

Then he finally wires me the funds to pay the fee and scans his docs over to me and he’s like u need to submit this like today. Uh, buddy u better wait. It took u over a month to get one document and u want me to gather all my documents and turn it in, in one day? I don’t think so. I told him not to rush me. He knows how short handed I am at work right now with Bill being gone, I only have so much time to do personal stuff! Give me a break!

Anyways, so after trying to call the help line like 10 times I finally get a hold of a person and find out that just the waiting process could take another 42 days. Well I submitted the first set of paperwork so now I just have to wait for an email confirmation and then pay the second set of fees, then submit more paperwork. Woohoo!! *KILLS SELF*


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