Happy Mother’s Day + Lazy Sunday

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “I wonder if I have to get a present for Muffin.” -Juse


Today was stay my ass home and rest day. But it was also Mother’s Day!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms I know! I was sooo worn out from yesterday! We kinda of celebrated yesterday? I didn’t go to bed til like 3am! reason A just really wanted some beef stew so we stayed up late making beef stew! OMG. It was so good but I was so damn sleepy. The cats were excited that we were both home so they stayed up late too and I could tell they were so sleepy. It was funny as hell cuz they had chinky eyes cuz they couldn’t keep them open anymore! Ahaha.

I am SOOO thankful that we had a smooth day today. I didn’t say Happy Mother’s Day to reason A. Is that evil of me? I hate saying things like that to her! Like Happy Birthday or Happy Mother’s Day. I never know when is a good time to say it? But we stayed home and rested and it was nice! I think this might have been the first drama-free Mother’s Day we’ve had in a VERY long time. She told me she wanted to go eat Pho with me but then thought about it and that would have been like $20+ too so why not just buy some beef and come home and make a big ass pot of beef stew? That’s why we stayed up late to make it last night. I told her we have to go out and eat for a special occasion! So she said maybe for the next special day we can go out to eat. She loves seafood so I’m thinking about taking her to Nori Nori?? But I don’t know about spending $80 on a buffet for two. -__-;;


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