Out And About!! + Midnight Beef Stew

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Busy)
Quote Of The Day: “I have to have beef stew today. I have to.” -reason A

So today was a busy day! I was going to get an oil change but that obviously didn’t work out. Whomp whomp. And in exchange I was going to sleep in because I desperately needed it but did I do that? No!! For some odd reason, ever since the cats have came, I haven’t been able to sleep in. Its such a fail. I use to be able to sleep til like 2pm on the weekends! Gone are those days. *FAILS* But I got up, cleaned my room a little bit and I went to Adriana’s house to pick up the cat litter that she wormed for me. I decided to take reason A with me instead of wasting gas, going then coming back home to pick her up. She wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and there’s a big one not far from Adriana’s house. We have no time to be wasted!

I got to meet their puppy Charlie for the first time! I got her a small squeaky toy and then when I saw how huge she had grown I realized my toy was kind of tiny. Lol!! Oops! She pounced me the second I came out the car and almost knocked me over! Man I can’t imagine that she’s gonna grow even bigger! Adriana is a small little thing and it seemed like she was barely able to hold her back. @_@;; I was thankful that Adriana wormed some cat litter for me! U can never have enough cat litter with 3 cats!

Afterwards, we had some lunch at Wendy’s and then went to Hobby Lobby. reason A loves her some Hobby Lobby. That place is addicting though. So is Michaels or JoAnns. Those crafty places. I love them. She grabbed a couple of painting DVDs. Then we went to Publix, Michaels, Dollar Tree, Goodwill, Sprouts, MegaMart, H-Mart. Man I was so damn worn out! Lol. But as long as we had a happy and peaceful weekend then I’m totally fine with it!

When we got home the cats were totally boycotting the fact that we left them home all day. Poor cats. I want to be out and about but I do feel bad when we have to lock them in the bedroom. reason A really wanted some beef stew so at 11pm here we were making beef stew!! But when you really crave something u just have to have it. My thing today was watermelon. Like I just had to have some!! Funny thing was we got a small one from MegaMart. It was $2.99, but cashier didn’t ring it up and we didn’t know! I got home and was sorting out my receipts and I noticed it wasn’t on there! What?? Free watermelon? Hell yeah! = Good day. XD


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