MOOD: onigiri- happy (Hooray!)
Quote Of The Day: “Well can you just take it home then and mail it?” -Bosslady

TGIF!! Technically this week seemed to have just flown by but I’m so damn happy its the weekend!! I’m kinda scared about it being Mother’s Day on Sunday cuz reason A usually starts drama on holidays especially Mother’s Day but I gave her her “present” yesterday which was just some cash and said it was from Kenny and she usually uses that as the start of an argument but this time it was well received! I was so happy, and relieved! Whew!

I did get some bad news right before I got off work, apparently we’re getting sued again? Well what else is new. There’s nothing much I can do about it really. I passed the info along to Bosslady and told her to relay that message to Bossman. They can handle it however they want. I do feel less pressure and more at ease now that we have cats at home, I’m letting work stress get to me less and less, or maybe its cuz I care even less now about work, if that’s possible?? Lol. But who the hell cares, happy Friday! Woohoo!


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