My Muffy Is Spitting Up Guts Again + Babies Get ZzZzZz’s

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m just gonna feed u to the wolves!” -reason A

Work wasn’t that bad today but when I got home, I was knocked out!! I didn’t really have any energy to play with the cats. Poor things. reason A doesn’t play with them either, they just kinda have to do their own thing. reason A told me that Muffin had threw up today! Nooo!! I think reason A is so fed up with her. She’s always talkin’ about how she’s gonna let the back door open and feed Muffin to the wolves out back. >_< I’m not sure what caused it today, but reason A said she threw up a lot! Good news is she threw up on our scale? So it was easy to clean up. I can only imagine if it was on the carpet. Ewww… But by night time when I got home, she seemed fine?? So not sure what caused it. Maybe she ate a bug or something and it messed up her stomach.

Work wasn’t as stressful today, but I think all the after work worming really wore me out. And this hot weather is making me just feel tired in general. After dinner the two babies came over to hang out with me on the sofa and they fell asleep in my lap!! Oh the cuteness, can u handle it??




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