Day 1 of 14 + When In Europe, Bag Be Gone!

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (FML)
Quote Of The Day: “U know Chinese people love them some LV.” -Juse

So today was the first day of Bill being gone. Honestly, I had a very focused and busy morning. I’m glad I got everything done and scheduled as needed. I felt a sense of relief around noon time cuz most of my busy work was in the a.m. Bosslady came to keep me company but of course she’s pretty much useless. I didn’t feel as stressed today as I did yesterday (at least in the morning I didn’t). I was super stressed out yesterday cuz I was trying to write down and remember everything that Bill was telling me, projects he had pending, all these contacts that I needed to reach out to, OMG.

But just as I was about to have lunch, Harry messaged me and I didn’t message back, then he called the office. Apparently he was in Paris on the next leg of his business trip and his suitcase got stolen! OMFG! Are you kidding me? Bosslady happened to pick up the call so I overheard her yelling “OMG!! U mean the LV one??” I remember seeing that bag. He had two suitcases with him when he was here, one was a standard hardshell one. He had some samples and mostly his clothing in that one. The LV had his important company paperwork, his laptops, and other things. Noooo!! So she transferred the call to me and Harry told me his luggage got stolen while was at the airport. He must have let it go to reach in his pocket for something and someone just walked off with it! WTF. So what does this have to do with me? Since all his pricing, paperwork, meeting notes, etc got stolen in that bag, I had to scan everything I had on my end and send it to him so he could continue to work! I was like u have go to be kidding me!! Do u know how much paperwork that is? That’s crazy! So I spent the whole freakin’ afternoon dealing with that! Arg.

I sent it over and told him out of politeness that if he needs anything else, he’s welcome to contact me but of course I hope he doesn’t. -__-;;




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