Work Crossroads + Split Me In Half Why Don’t U!

MOOD: onigiri- dizzy (Confusion)
Quote Of The Day: “He missed his flight cuz his wife was having a baby.” -Bossman

Sooooo, had to pull an overtime yesterday cuz we had a meeting. Bossman didn’t get back with Harry until very late, so we didn’t actually “start” the meeting til close to 5pm! *FAILS* Lets see if I can sum this up in Layman’s terms. Basically Harry and Phillip (Chinese folks) are going to become investors in our company. There is a benefit to each side for this. For us, we need the funds. They will take over half of our overhead and half of our payroll costs. For them, they are looking to start doing business in the U.S. and they need an established company to basically “walk them through it” and we’re the ones. Also, they want to do investment immigration and is going to use us as someone to lean on during this process.

There are many ways to immigrate to the U.S. one of the ways is through investing. If you can invest half a million in assets in the U.S. then you can basically sponsor yourself to become a permanent resident here. Not only do u have to have half a million in assets, you also need to hire at least 6 legal full time employees under ur new company. Here’s where we come in. Our company will help him store his products/assets so he can slowly accumulate to hit the half mil mark. Second, instead of hiring 6 new people to put under Harry’s company, we’re gonna take 4 from our payroll at the Atl office, and move it to his company, so they’ll still be working for us, but paid under their payroll. Then they’re gonna hire 2 to actually do his paperwork for his company.

Here’s where I come in. For the past few months, not only have I been pulling a triple shift at my job, but I have also been managing Harry’s assets. I will have to continue to do this until Harry’s manager (Jassica, yes that’s how she spells it) can immigrate here from China so she can manager their own stuff. Then she will train the two new hires to take over her job when she heads back home. This could be a year long process or more! So during this time, I will be working for 2 companies, doing about 4-5 full time jobs and getting paid one underpaid salary!! Ahaha. Someone please shoot me now.

Harry and Phillip are loaded. I’d hate to say it, but I might be China owned in the near future. Lol. I will not be one of the people who’s getting transferred to “their” payroll, but in some aspects, I actually wish I was one of the people getting transferred over! Cuz I know they will pay their employees on time! They are financially established, and they want to keep good records (be on time) for everything so they don’t have any problems in filing their paperwork to reside in the U.S.! Take me Chinese people, take me!! Lol.

I will be able to settle down and look for a new job after two things occur. One, Kenny’s paperwork is 75% processed and all approved. Two, we get new hires at my job (for our company or for Harry’s) so I can pass on some of my duties and focus on myself, have someone covering me when I take time off for interviews or whatever the hell else I need it for. I need alcohol. -__-;;


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