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Grandma Mode + Hubs Movie Fail

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Uh…)
Quote Of The Day: “This going to be drama, Muffin has discovered the window.” -reason A

I think I need a better social life. I’m honestly too young to just be in this “grandma mode” that I’m in. I’m like a mix of a social hermit and a crazy cat lady. Lol. All I care about are staying home and being a couch potato, going grocery shopping or annoying people with my cat pictures and stories. Lol!! I’m only in my 30s! Can you imagine when I really become old?? It’ll just be me and my cats grocery shopping pathetically!! ROFLMAO. Such a sad thought… XD

Kenny said they had a company event yesterday. It was like 50+ folks from his company going out to a sushi dinner together, and then they were all gonna catch a movie. Fifty something people going to watch a movie together?? How does that work? Maybe movie theaters are bigger in China. Lol. I asked him this morning how that went and if he had fun, cuz he really socializes even less than me. He said dinner was fine but he didn’t join them for the movie, in matter of fact more than half didn’t go to the movie. I asked why?? Free movie? Hell I’d go! And he said cuz little chubby girl from his company bought the tickets and guess what movie it was for? Doraemon!! Are you freakin’ kidding me?? These are grown ass folks! U can’t expect 50+ grown ass folks going to watch a Doraemon movie! Lol. And Kenny said it was a live action version, not even the cartoon! I was like wow, so how does that work?? Its like a real person dressed in a huge Doraemon suit in the whole movie? Kenny said he has no clue, but thought it was stupid so he didn’t go. *FAILS*

Lazy Saturday + This Damn Heat + Rain

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I don’t feel like doing anything.” -Juse

First of all I’d like to address the fact that this is the first sunny day in like a week. We’ve had rain on and off for a whole freakin’ week! Its causing all these damn bugs to raid my house! For the past couple of yrs, we’ve had centipede problems. I hate those little effers! They creep me out!! Now this year we have a millipede problem! Serious?? The cats spot them right away, they are literally everywhere. They don’t do much about it though, apparently they only like to catch fast moving things like mosquitoes or centipedes. Millipedes are not as scary but just as annoying! And I can’t really use any strong pesticide, cuz of the cats. Ugh. -__-;;

reason A wanted to go to Perimeter Mall today. I honestly couldn’t get my ass up for it. Malls are always a whole day thing for us, and I just was so exhausted that I couldn’t get up early enough for it. I think that chronic fatigue thing is kicking in again. Although I feel less stressed with the cats, I do feel more tired. *FAILS* We did however have to make a trip out cuz we ran out of oil! We had noodles for dinner last night cuz u don’t need cooking oil for that. *FAILS* They have a huge container of it for a really good price at Costco, so we decided to just get that. What I love best about Costco has got to be the rotisserie chicken. Yum, yum, yum.

The day went by pretty fast since we got started late. All I remember is the ridiculous heat that was melting me away although I was in a dress. reason A about had a heat stroke. We always joked about how we belong up north, because that’s where we’re actually from but now we’re liviing down south in this ridiculous heat and summer just started. *DIES*

TGIF + Longest Short Week

MOOD: onigiri- highly upset (Flexing)
Quote Of The Day: “I was so scared that we’d end up with a mentally retarded Bagel.” -reason A

I only had a 3 day work week, why the hell did it seem to last forever? Man the struggle has been real! Last night, all the cats sleep like babies. I think the trauma from the night before wore us all out! Right after dinner, Muffin went to my room and fell asleep on my bed. She never does that at night! She’s always pacing around stealing stuff! But she was knocked out! Poor babies. But with that said, we got to eat dinner in peace, and had a decent nights sleep as well. #winwin

I am so damn happy it is Friday! I don’t have anything exciting planned this weekend other than the regular grocery store hopping for groceries, but just knowing that I’m not obligated to get my ass up early makes me happy! Lol. Bagel was doing pretty good when I got home last night. He was moving around and meowed a little. He still wasn’t playing with Donut and getting into trouble like his usual self, but I’m sure that’ll take some time after that big scare. reason A said she was scared we’d end up with a mentally retarded Bagel. ROFLMAO!! So mean… >_>

I have been on my womanly duties this week and its been rough! I usually don’t cramp up this bad, but I felt like I could barely fall asleep last night from the pain. I used a heating pad and everything and I’m still feeling the pain today. Ugh. Oh and another thing that might have made the week seem to go slow might be this gloomy weather! Its sunny outside right now, but it was raining pretty hard all week and rainy days just seem to drag even more. So glad its all over!

I See Dead People Aka Bag Monster

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “I think he has temporary memory loss!!” -reason A

I didn’t get any sleep last night. I’m on my second cup of coffee as I’m bloggin’ this. -__-;; We had a traumatic event with the cats last night. It started off with Muffin’ dry heaving. I couldn’t tell if she wanted to sneeze or cough but she had this heave thing going on and nothing was coming out her nose or mouth. Then she got really quiet. She’s never quiet! I was thinking, did she lose her voice? No clue. But that wasn’t even the traumatic event.

I had a fairly large reusable bag lying on the floor. I usually keep it in the car but brought it in with me last night cuz I had lots of crap to bringing in. U know cats get excited about boxes and bags so they were all jumping in and out of it playing. The kids stopped playing and moved on to something else, so Muffin was playing with it. One thing about cats and bags u have to be careful of is the handles. They can get wrapped around the cat and become a choking hazard.

Muffin ended up being entangled in it. Good news is, it was around her ankle, not her neck. Thank God! But bad news was it freaked her out and she busted out running throughout the house with the huge bag attached to her ankle! It was hitting everything and knocking over everything and she was so freaked out by it she wouldn’t stop running! We tried chasing after her to get her loose, but she wouldn’t stop! All while we’re running through the house chasing her we totally didn’t notice that she had frightened Bagel so much that he had ran onto my desk and was squatting and shivering!

We had no idea how long he had been sitting there shaking, but we finally got the bag off of Muffin’s ankle, and she hid under the sofa. When reason A found Bagel, he was shaking uncontrollably! We immediately grabbed him, hugged him and tried to bring him into the living room. He ran for his life!! He was soooo scared of the hallway and the living room cuz that’s where this “moving bag” was flying across the floor attacking him! He didn’t know that was Muffin running! He literally looked like he saw a ghost. He kept staring at the hallway. Eyeballs wouldn’t even move, and he couldn’t walk. We got freaked out cuz we didn’t know he if he was paralyzed, blinded or what. I waved my hand in front of his eyes, and they didn’t even move. I put his favorite snack in front of him, not even a blink. I was like OMG. He’s traumatized!! We wrapped him up in a blanket and just kept talkin’ to him quietly, and petting him and he just kept shaking.

He attempted to walk, but his legs buckled, so we just let him lie down. He just stared straight like he was in a daze?? I don’t even know how many hrs went by. We turned on all the lights for him to see that there’s nothing there, but it was useless. Finally Donut and Muffin came over to give him “cat reassurance” and he looked at them like he didn’t know who they were!! reason A said, “Did he just get temporary amnesia??” He looked like he didn’t know anything. I told her we just need to keep giving him reassurance, maybe he’ll come around. So he didn’t sleep a wink for 7 hrs. Just shaking. Finally I just passed out around 4am. reason A didn’t sleep at all.

When I got up for work, he was standing up by himself. I talked to him and he did turn and look at me, and I think I heard him give a small meow. reason A said he was staring the whole night. Poor boy, he got the shit scared out of him. I told reason A to continue to talk to him, and pet him today and try to get him to eat something, and eventually he’ll be ok. Might take a couple of days though. OMG!! I think reason A wants to murder Muffin now for scaring Bagel so much. But its not really her fault either?? She was also frightened, but she is an adult so she took it better than Bagel, since he’s still a baby. At least we didn’t have to go to the vet!! Whew.

Back At The Donut Shop + Good Job Bill!!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “That’s not our check, see the name doesn’t say our name and the address is not ours.” -Juse

First day back at work was not fun. Good thing was Bossman didn’t come in til around noon time, and I was going to watch some TV, but I ended up spending hrs typing up backtrack blog posts. I’m finally all caught up!

I only took one day off and Bill managed to screw up two things. One, he updated a software that we weren’t planning on updating but since he already hit the ok button to update, we are gonna be $300 out of pocket for that. #billfail Then I don’t know how u even screw up the second thing but apparently mailman accidentally delivered us mail from the company a couple of doors down, and it happened to be a check. Seeing that the check was NOT made out to us, and the address on there was NOT our address, he still deposited the check!! Amazing!!

When I saw the deposit receipt from the check I was like what’s this? When I explained to him that’s not ours, he just kept saying “Oh gosh, well oh gosh!” Then he had to go to BOA to ask them for the check back. Bank said that they went ahead and deposited it already cuz it was a small amount so they didn’t pay attention either. *DOUBLE FAILS* So they advised us to cut that company a check to make up for it. Good job Bill!!

Last Day Of Vacay + Angel Cats + Fist Of Fury

MOOD: onigiri- scared (Shocked)
Quote Of The Day: “Wow, what’s gotten into Muffin?” -reason A

Noooo!!! Its my last day off!! These 4 days really just flew by. I see all my friends posting on FB of all the places they went to for their long weekend, beach hopping, going out of town and what do I do? Stay at home and be a bum. Lol! But I did enjoy my days off, so I can’t complain, plus I got an extra day right?? I just don’t understand why I feel more tired now than I did when I was going to work! I told Lili that I might just be a creature of routine, and when that’s broken I get restless and feel even more tired. -__-;; #vacayfail

So today I finally tackled the task of vacuuming. Its so hard to vacuum with cats, but ironically u should be vacuuming more with cats cuz of all the hair! Well Adriana had asked me if I had a bad cat hair issue, and I said I didn’t think so cuz I brushed their hair and not much loose hair came out? So I assumed maybe they were young so they weren’t shedding as much? Well my ass was wrong cuz when I went to vacuum today, I must have gotten at least 5lbs of cat hair up from just the living room alone!! Ewww!! Lol. Like it was legit a whole shopping bag of it. reason A was like O___O;; I think I need to get on the vacuum at least twice a week schedule. Oh boy… >_>

I wasn’t feeling well today cuz of cramps and stuff, so other than vacuuming I just stayed on the sofa all day Surprisingly the cats were on their best behavior! I was happy I didn’t have to chase Muffin down. Lol. She even came on the sofa and fell asleep next to me! She almost never does that! The funniest thing was even as she slept had a balled up fist!! I told Lili I wasn’t sure who she was trying to fight in her dream, but she had the Bruce Lee fist of fury thing going on and it was super funny!!


MOG + Juse Goes Boho Chic

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “U need to dress up and look pretty cuz you’re only in your 30s!” -reason A

Its rare that reason A actually gets a good night’s sleep, so I woke up super early but saw that she finally fell asleep so I hung out with the cats while she slept. I didn’t wanna wake her although we had said we’d get up early to hit up Mall of Georgia. We finally headed out the door around 3pm? I didn’t expect the mall to be packed on Memorial Day but Mall of GA is forever packed!! We caught lunch there since we didn’t eat before we left, and got lucky and found a table. U can never find a table in that place!

After lunch we went searching for knitted tops. Something I could pull over a sleeveless dress so that I wouldn’t feel that naked? I want to dress more weather appropriate, but I can’t have all my meat hanging out. It just makes me self conscious. And I found a really cute one!


Cute ain’t it? Not really my usually style, cuz its so “girly” but I really like it. Hooray for finally wearing dresses! Lol. After we got home we were worn out though. I can tell I’m getting old cuz walkin’ a few hrs around the mall got me all sore and tired. Lol! I feel the same age as reason A, that can’t be good. *GULPS*

No Extra Z’s Por Me + I Wear Size 8, My Toe Wears Size 9 + Donut Napping Her Life Away

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “Well at least one of us is sleeping good!” -Juse

Of course the day that I get to sleep in I don’t! Lol. What else would I expect? Cats, I love you but you have completely killed my sleeping bug! Arg. On the other hand, look who is cute as can be as she is napping her life away?


Isn’t she just precious?? Ugh. I can’t stand it. Lol. So this is random, but my second toe on my right foot hurts. *FAILS* I have the ugliest feet. They look exactly like reason A’s which look exactly like Grandma’s. And we all have a ridiculously long 2nd toe. Its longer than our big toe which make it look unproportionate. I believe a correct foot would have the biggest toe being the longest one and they get progressively shorter until u get to the little toe. Yeah, not mine. My second toe sticks out like half an inch past my big toe. It looks retarded. If I have a daughter God I hope that doesn’t happen to her. That’s why I’m not big on wearing sandals or flip flops but its summer time and its hot! So since I’ve been wearing closed toed shoes, I think my 2nd toe has gotten smashed. Now its kinda sore. I’m glad I finally got flip flops so it can have some freedom. Lol!!

Start Vacay Off With Brake Fluid + Flipflops Galore!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Joyful)
Quote Of The Day: “I’m so relieved its nothing major!” -reason A

U know its not Juse’s life without some sort of drama. Lol. So yesterday my car started blinking the “brake” light. Then it proceeded to tell me that I was low on brake fluid. Uh, what do I do about that? As long as I’ve had Little Red, I’ve never had brake fluid issues! I texted Mike to ask about it, he said u can just add it urself if you don’t have air in your brake line. I didn’t even know what what that meant! When it comes to cars, I’m such a typical girl. I’m just clueless. -__-;;

Then I went online and watched a YouTube video on it. Hum, didn’t seem that hard? But I wanted to be sure so I texted Will and luckily he said he could swing by my house this morning on his way to work and look at it for me! Yays! Come to find out I was dry as a desert in my tank! OMG. He said it was so dangerous to drive around with zero brake fluid! We immediately went up to Advanced Auto and got me a couple of bottles. Thank God they were really cheap. He put a bottle in and we checked for air and my brake line seems fine!! I was soooo relieved! So essentially I resolved the issue with a $2.50 bottle of brake fluid. Thank you Baby Jesus! Lol.

After that, reason A and I took a nap cuz we got up so early to deal with the car, and then we hit up the mall. We had planned to spend this weekend as a out one day, rest one day schedule. So mall today and stay home tomorrow, then mall again Mon, and rest up Tues. I had to get some new flipflops to wear, cuz reason A said I need to start wearing more dresses. She said its just way to hot for my pants and that’s why I’m always sweating like a hog. I told her I guess I do have a few dresses at home? But I can’t wear them with regular shoes, that’s odd! So we ended up finding like 3 pairs at Khols and after all my discounts and coupons, it came out to be like $5 a pair! Such a good deal!

Proud Of Self!!!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you serious?? That’s how it should be!” -reason A

OMFG!! TGIF people!! Today is a good day! I told Lili that I was contemplating about asking for a day off on Tuesday. I kept thinking about it because Bill wouldn’t be back to work til Tuesday and technically I need that day to catch him up on things he’s missed in these 3 weeks. But since its a 3 day weekend, I wanted to use this opportunity to turn it into a 4 day weekend by adding one personal day! I didn’t know if Bossman was going to approve it or not but I think I deserve at least that! I haven’t taken a vacation this year and I’m working like 3.5 positions now, give me a break!

I’m such a chicken when it comes to asking for things for myself. I need to grow a pair. I finally just mustered up the guts and said its now or never, and just randomly blurted out I need Tues off. At first Bossman was reluctant. He asked me if it was ok if I took Wed off instead but of course that would defeat the purpose. I just said “Eh… (pause)” and finally he said, is it cuz you’re going to Cali? I said “Yes!!” So he said fine. Then he told me as long as I kept my phone on so Bill could call me with questions. I was so happy and proud of myself! Lol. Isn’t that sad? Four day weekend, here I come!! Woohoo!!