Milk, Why You No Likey Me?!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Discomfort)
Quote Of The Day: “When I fart, Bagel stares at me. Its like he knew I did it.” -reason A

I came home starving yesterday, so I decided while I wait for reason A to cook dinner, I’ll just have some milk and cereal. It was pretty yummy at the time, and although I knew maybe I shouldn’t have ate it since I just came off of my “womanly duties” and I shouldn’t be eating cold stuff, I was like eh, what the hell. Nope. Wrong decision. >_>

Like maybe 30 minutes to an hour after I had milk and cereal, my stomach was in knots. I felt bloated, uncomfortable, and at first I couldn’t tell if it was still cuz of my “womanly duties” or the milk. This went on for the whole freakin’ night through this morning! Oh man. I could tell it was the milk. Even though I don’t wanna admit it. I’m just a typical Asian I guess. Lactose intolerant. Lol. I can eat ice cream just fine or use dairy creamer in my coffee, but this drinking it straight up thing was a no go I guess. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a reaction but then this time, my body was like anit-milk. Such a fail. Did you guys know that cats are mostly lactose intolerant too? That’s why contrary to popular belief, u shouldn’t give kittens or cats “milk” from a cow. I know they always show it on cartoons and stuff, but their stomachs really can’t handle it. I think it gives them an upset stomach and they either end up farting a lot, wet poop or vomiting. I sure hope reason A can drink that whole gallon in a week by herself, cuz me and the cats can’t help! Lol.


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