The Fridge We Cleanith!!!

MOOD: onigiri- lightsaber (Workin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you sure those aren’t just empty cartons?” -reason A

Today’s task at hand was to clean the fridge!! I felt so damn lazy. We knew we had to get it done and it is just sooo much harder to clean a fridge when you have 3 cats running around. I mean its almost impossible. They’re nosy, they wanna be close to you, they’ll be tracking all around the kitchen, jumping on counters, the stove, all up in the fridge, its just a nightmare, so we’ve kept putting it off, but today is the day folks! After lunch we were all tired, so we all took a nap. The cats napped on my bed. Tehehe. So darn cute. Muffin cuddled up to me and the babies slept on top of my spare comforter.

After we woke up, we decided to keep the cats in my room and close the door. They can raise hell in my room while we have some peace and quiet in the kitchen. The fridge was a HOT MESS!! I would take a picture but ain’t nobody trying to get grossed out. I mean it was like ew, cuz we had stuff spill, and leftovers from who the hell knows when. Oh man! I cleaned out the fridge many times, but the problem is reason A can’t maintain it. She is really bad at packing or organizing and cleaning. Like if there was an award for the worst packer it would be her. I told her to put stuff in containers with lids so we can stack it in the fridge. But she always just leaves it in the freakin’ plate, then it dries up and u can’t eat it anyways, but she doesn’t wanna waste food so she doesn’t toss it. Ugh. Such a fail.

So we took out everything, even all the racks in the fridge itself, scrubbed, and wiped down everything, then reassembled the fridge, and I put everything in. We tossed out all the leftovers, FINALLY!! I’m just gonna have to start checking on a daily basis to make sure its maintained. Please tell me why I found 6 cartons of eggs in the fridge!! I kept buying eggs cuz neither one of use realized we had all those eggs! Who the hell has 6 cartons of eggs in the fridge?? I should have took a pic of that. No one would believe it.


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