Dr. Phil Episode: Catfishing x 7

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “So how did he keep up with all the stories? With an Excel sheet?” -Dr. Phil

So after seeing previews, I got super excited about Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Catfishing shows are always my favorite, second is probably interventions. I like catfishing shows cuz I feel like I know this subject well. My many years of trolling on the internet has lead me to many encounters with catfish, and I feel like I have a catfish radar like no other. I can spot a catfish a mile away. But I was also once that really innocent girl who believed in online dating, and trusted everyone I talked to be who they said they were. But after I upped my player level to pro, it amazes me to see how innocent some people can be. And how easily these folks are getting catfished. The only good thing about when I was a noob, was (a) no catfish got any money out of me, (b) didn’t lose myself to anybody, and (c) in the end I always exposed their ass and they ran like a mofo. Its the excitement of exposing them. It gets me as high as a kite. Lol.

I got excited about this episode cuz unlike the others, the catfish was going to show their face. So the catfish basically stole a handsome dude’s pic from online, used that as their pic, created a profile and started to catfish women. I’m sure there were others, but there were 7 on the show. That’s pretty impressive, cuz I can tell u it is difficult to keep up with 7 girls at one time, and the more impressive part was that according to them, they each heard a different variation of the background of the catfish so how the hell did u keep up with who you told what to?? Catfish level? 1000. Lol.

Many of the girls were from Brigham Young University which is an LDS college. They looked pretty wholesome and I’m sure many of them genuinely did not even know there were people out there that did this for sheer entertainment. But I think there was one girl who was catfished for years?? WHAT??? No way! I never understood that. Who the hell would go years without seeing someone? Me and Kenny were countries apart and it did take us a long ass time to meet, but we weren’t reluctant to meet, it was just finances, etc. If you requested several times to meet someone and they’re like no each time, then guess what?? Ur ass is being catfished!! There is just no question about it!

Well the catfish ended up being a lesbian who was not comfortable with her own sexuality at the time. I think she wanted to be in a romantic relationship with a woman, but obviously had her reservations with coming out publicly because she was also LDS. Honestly the girls or “victims” if you wanna call them that really let her off easy. I guess I’m just ghetto but my ass would have chewed her out! I’m sorry that u feel trapped in your own sexuality but lying and being deceptive is taking away someone’s right to choose to be in a relationship with someone they want to be in. All the girls were heterosexual and the whole time u had them believing that they were in a relationship with a man? Honestly, that’s just fucked up. I don’t know how to put that politely.

You can meet and find love online. Honestly, I know cuz I met Kenny there! Lol. Although it is definitely difficult and certainly not meant for everyone, but it is possible. Rules to know, if the person isn’t willing to talk to you on the phone, you’re being catfished. If that person isn’t willing to video chat with you or meet up with you, your being catfished. If they’ve know you for a very short period of time, and they ask you for money related favors, you’re being catfished! Wake up folks.


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