Rainy Days = New Kicks??

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Oh Boy)
Quote Of The Day: “No boo boo.” -Adriana

[Backtrack Post]

I hate buying new shoes. I just hate spending money on shoes. I am so not the typical girl in that sense. During Black Friday of last year, reason A gave me $1K to spend on new clothes, shoes, etc. But I never wore any of the stuff! I always wear my old shit. Well, all my old shoes have holes in them now, and should honestly be thrown away, but yet I’m still wearing them. Lol. The bad part is its literally been raining all damn week and so I’ve been walkin’ around in wet shoes everyday! Ugh! Had to bust out with the new shoes today:


I still got a good deal on these cuz it was Black Friday and all so I got them for only $9.99!! WTF! Lol. They’re Steve Madden, and they only had one pair left, and I was like crap, probably not my size, but it was! Woot! I posted this pic on FB and June said, “Why u wasting those shoes by wearing them to work!” Lol.


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