Picking Myself Back Up

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Content)
Quote Of The Day: “Well that escalated quickly.” -Juse

[Backtrack Post]

So I’m in a much better mood today. Actually I was in a better mood after I got home yesterday and saw my cats. Honestly they are such a life saver for me. I told Lili about how I felt depressed, when I thought about my past and I didn’t want any part of that again. She reminded me that I have come a long way, and that I need to run my own race, and be thankful for my own blessings. I really do forget about that sometimes. There are spur of moments when I feel really proud, when I see what I’ve accomplished or how far I’ve come but when I see others that I graduated with or my age that have accomplished more I just feel like I’m useless! I need to stop thinking like that. I’m such a negative person. Which is ironic cuz as much stuff as I’ve been though, I usually just laugh it off when I tell others. I never tell people in a boo-hoo, please pity me kinda of way, so I don’t know why I have self pity?? Anyways, life is about moving forward so I plan to move forward!!


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