Stalker Muffin + Clean & Purge Le Bathroom!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “I think Muffin is a stalker.” -Juse

When I sleep at night, I close my door almost all the way. I don’t lock it cuz I have to get out to use the bathroom all the time, and my door is hard as hell to open and close. I think the door is too tall for the door frame. The bottom of the door scrapes against the carpet. So annoying, and u have to pull hard as hell to open it. But I have to kinda close it so cats don’t get in and walk all over my face.

When I wake up, first thing I do is let cats in. Its not by choice, they’re (especially Muffin) just waiting by my door until I let them in. Lol. But this morning I just really wanted to sleep in longer. I heard a loud banging sound on my door. I thought maybe the kittens were playing and accidentally hit it. But then I heard it twice more! When I finally opened my eyes to look, Muffin was staring dead at me!! U crazy psycho stalker cat! Lol. Its like cute in a creepy way?? She literally kicked down my door. She’s got legs of steel! Lol. I knew she was attached to me, but the b!tch is cray! XD

I was so tired today, but I couldn’t let the day go to waste since me and reason A are still in the “clean and purge” stage of life. Next thing to clean, definitely my master bath! I never used it for what its for. Never used the toilet or the shower. reason A said that’s one less bathroom we have to scrub down plus its just me and her, we can share a bath. But now I have to clean it cuz of the damn cats! I have to fight them off every time I go out to use the bathroom, I can’t do it anymore!

Sorry I don’t have a before pic, but it would have scared the shit out of u guys anyways. It literally looked like a pic from the show “Hoarders”. I showed Adriana before and she almost had a heart attack. I had bags of stuff in the sink, on the floor, on the toilet cover, in the tub! So after I cleaned, and purged, here is the result!


I know it still looks cluttered, but I swear this is a million times better. Yes I am still storing shit in my tub. Lol. I just really need the toilet and sink so I don’t have to fight cats to go pee. However, I realized that my toilet leaks so I need to fix that before I can use this bathroom. *FAILS*


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