Brunch W/ Runa @ Rustic Couch!

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Lovely)
Quote Of The Day: “I wonder if they sell this mug.” -Runa

So Runa was in town for Spring Break! But most of her time is usually reserved for her family since they don’t get to see her that often. But she usually manages to squeeze in a weekend for me cuz she knows that’s the only time I can hang out. Lol. It was suppose to be Runa, Ranjiba and me, but Ranjiba just started a new job so her work schedule conflicted. Booo!! Since I missed Runa the last time she was here cuz I was sick, I had to make sure we hung out this time!

We didn’t know where to go. I always pass by this cafe looking thing by my house called Rustic Couch. I thought it was just another one of those Korean cafes that keep popping up in Duluth. Ugh. But another friend of mine goes there and loves it and she’s American? Lol. Well she’s Jamaican, but close enough. Lol. So maybe this place wasn’t THAT Asian? Yelp reviews were very mixed though. Me and Runa ventured out!


We liked the atmosphere. It was pretty rustic. Lol.


I got the Honey Dew Milk Tea. Not bad! I’m not much of a milk tea drinker. I’m not picky. Lol.


Folks know I hate Mexican food or anything that resembles it. But I’ll take a Shrimp Taco any day! It was good!


Calamari was very tender, batter was good, and the Sriracha Mayo was the truth!! Lol.


Their most famous item, Loaded Tots. These were good!

So the verdict? I love it! There was no one there cuz we went at noon on a Sat. I heard that place is super crowded at night. Cashiers were a mix of American and Asian?? Later on 3 groups of customers came in, some Asian, some American, some young and some middle aged women! I like that everyone comes and its not just a bunch of Asian teens hanging out. Lol. Price wise, I think it was like $25 for the two of us. 2 drinks and 3 dishes. Not bad I guess. We’ll go back with Ranjiba one day. I was happy to catch up with Runa in a quiet place. =)


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