Big Ass Fans!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Loling)
Quote Of The Day: “Hi, we’re Big Ass Fans! And we sell Big ass fans!” -BAF Dude

So today a pair of marketing team dudes came in and were pitching us on their merchandise. They were dressed in all black had a big duffle bag with them and came up to me and said “Hi, we’re Big Ass Fans! And we sell Big ass fans! This is not a joke.” Lol!! Then they were like u wanna hat? Please see below for said hate:


I was cracking up, but come to find out they really are named “Big Ass Fans” and how about they do sell “big ass fans”! They actually sell industrial fans, like the huge ones for warehouses, or places like that. I told them the name was clever. Lol. Needless to say, we didn’t need a big ass fan. But they talked to Bill since he’s the manager, and u know he’s fob so he didn’t really get the joke, but they offered him a hat and he’s all about free stuff, so for the rest of the day he wore this hat and we were all cracking the hell up! Ahaha. How ironic of an ass wearing an ass! Ahaha.


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