The Pollen Issue + Try And Resist The Cuteness

MOOD: onigiri- in disguise (Lurking)
Quote Of The Day: “I want to cat-nap them.” -Will

Oh Spring, how u bring beautiful flowers! Oh Spring, how u send plant sperm up my nostrils!! I can’t stand this damn pollen anymore!! And the bad part is, this is not even bad yet. I don’t know what the pollen count has been this week but I know for one day it was in the thousands. That is rough. I don’t have allergies thank God, but I do wear contacts, and small dust particles such as pollen does tend to irritate my eyes. They’re not watery or itchy just “uncomfortable”. Ugh. But I’m loving the flowers so much! They are so pretty!! I need to find some good ones to take pics. But I always end up seeing them when I’m driving and I can’t stop to take pics. Booo!!

So I wore the cats out tonight with a long play hour and by the time I was ready for bed, they were all knocked out!! We have 2 round cat beds, then we have the 3 story cat tree, sofa and everywhere else u can think of to sleep. But usually only one cat will sleep in each cat bed. Tonight, Bagel and Donut fell asleep together!! It was sooo precious!! I took a pic cuz they were sound asleep and then I had some fun with the photo sticker app, and the results… Go ahead… I dare to u say its not cute:



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