Donut, I’m Sorry!!

MOOD: onigiri- crying (Distraught)
Quote Of The Day: “Its ok, they’re just out to kill u anyways.” -Will

I had a traumatic event with Donut today!! Feeding time is always hectic, because there’s 3 cats. Cats tend to suck up to you when its feeding time. They know whats up! Lol. So as you’re preparing the food and stuff, they snuggle up on you, especially ur feet and they weave in between ur legs, etc. First off, its very cute that they show affection, even if its fake. Lol. Second of all, that shit is dangerous!! So today I was getting ready for dinner time for them. reason A was scooping out poop. I was juggling 3 bowls of food while trying to step over cats. But when I put my foot down I accidentally stepped on Donut!! TWICE!! Can u believe that! And she’s soo tiny and soo quiet that she didn’t even yell out! I think there were a couple of “chirps” as I call it cuz its so quiet and sounds like a bird, but I was like auhhh!!!

So she bolted under the coffee table, running and holding her paw! I guess that’s where I stepped on?? OMFG!! I was so scared!! I went towards her but she got scared and ran away to my bedroom, under my bed!! I was mortified and feeling so guilty, and worried and scared! I just busted out crying. I couldn’t help it!! I was so worried that I actually hurt her and what if I injured her? What if I fractured a bone? U know I’m a chunky girl and she’s a tiny kitten! I was sobbing nonstop.

Much to my surprise, reason A came over, hugged and consoled me. I can’t remember the last time that happened. Must have been when I was a kid. It just made me wanna cry harder. Later I tried to lure Donut out with some food. Eventually she came out and seemed fine. I was SOOO relieved!! My poor Donut!! After dinner she slowly came towards me and I pet her. She jumped on the sofa and immediately showed affection. I apologized to her. I really didn’t mean to hurt her. Donut I’m sorry!!



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