Heat I Hate U + Sleepith + Good Muffin

MOOD: onigiri- pissed off (Arg)
Quote Of The Day: “But I found when it came down to it, she could really yell. Lol.” -Will

U know what? It is getting hot way too damn fast. I am not a happy camper. -_-;; I hate the heat. Although I felt like we had a long and dragged out winter with the fluctuating cold weather, I am still not ready for this heat! I complain about it every year! Why do I not live in some cold ass state like Colorado or something?? Ugh. I’m sure my cats are loving it, but they won’t be loving it long cuz me and reason A blast the damn AC in the summer so I either have to make them all little fleece sweaters or give them blankies. Lol.

Today I just really wanted to go to bed early. I am in desperate need of sleep, not a little but A LOT. So I brought pizza home for dinner. It always seems like a struggle to get the cats taken care of and have dinner ourselves. U have to love on them, play with them, feed them, then calm them down before we can even eat! By that time we’re so damn worn out!

But good news is they’re all doing great, and especially Muffin! She’s definitely my little love bug! She shows me so much affection when I get home or wake up in the morning, and no more meowing at night! Today she had a ball playing with the little wand toy she was chasing around and then she played a little bit with her catnip mouse that she LOVES. I need to get another catnip mouse so they don’t fight over this one. By bedtime, she was knocked out which was good. It means I’ll get a good nights sleep tonight!


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