Happy Caturday! + Steal Of A Deals

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “OMG! We gotta get it, its a great deal!” -reason A

Howdy folks! Today was a good day! Finally a weekend where I wasn’t obligated to get up early! But did I sleep in? Nope! When I woke up to use the restroom around 9am, all the cats had greeted me at the door and demanded to come in. Once the cats are in the room, you shall have no peace and quiet. They take over the room, the bed, the chair, everything! However, there is no warmer feeling than to be greeted in the morning by ur fur babies!! They show immediate affection! Mainly cuz they’re hungry but I’m just going to pretend its because they love me. Lol. Today me and Muffin even sunbathed together!! She loves me, yeah… She definitely does. Lol.


After lunch, although I was super sleepy, reason A and I decided to head out. We had a little bit of grocery shopping to do, I had to run a few errands, and we were on search for some stuff. I had a $10 off $10 coupon for Khols as well as a $10 off $30, and a $5 rewards card. If they let me use all of these combined, I was basically gonna get $30 worth of stuff for $5!! U can’t beat that! We ended up finding 2 shirts that were super cute! reason A and I each got one. They were reg. $36, on sale for $22, I used all my coupons combined and I came out saving $50 something dollars on 2 shirts! Woohoo!! 2 shirts for $10! We each got a shirt for $5, how awesome is that?? Its not cheapo shirts either. It was the Vera Wang collection at Khols.

Second stop was Wally World. There was a rug that we were eyeing, but it was $69. A nice rug can really change ur living room around and since we have been steadily cleaning and decorating, We have been on the look out for a rug. The carpet is ugly and it looks naked in the living room with our tiny coffee table. But we haven’t found a rug we liked at a reasonable price. Can’t be too modern, although I’d like it to be, but it doesn’t match stuff we have already, but we wanted something bright so it would light up the room! Well we did a price check and the one we wanted was on sale for $49!! I also had a $10 gift card for Walmart, so it made my rug $39! Such a good deal! And after we brought it home and laid it out, it looks awesome! Definitely doesn’t look like a cheap rug. First time we’ve uped our decorating game! Lol. The cats like it too, they all came to look at it. Lol. I forgot to take a pic, but this would have been a good place to post a pic. *EPIC FAILS*

We also found some really fresh shrimp on sale at MegaMart. We love shrimp so we got like 3lbs. The second we brought it home, the cats were sniffing it out! Cats love seafood! Muffin was like “I know there’s something good in this bag. Give it to me!!” Lol. All in all, an awesome Saturday!


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