Co-Worker Preggers + Ghetto Lunch + My Holiday Not Yours!

MOOD: onigiri- all smiles (Derp)
Quote Of The Day: “Welcome to my world! I realized I might not be parent material after I got my 3 cats! This whole waking up in the middle of the night feeding and taking care of poop thing is for the damn birds!!” -Juse

So Kenny told me he gets Good Friday off. Uh… Is it just me or he’s in China?? How the hell do u get Good Friday off and I don’t! Lol. That’s so jacked up. He told me its cuz since he watches our stock market for his clients, he usually gets American holidays off. Well its a religious holiday not an “American” holiday, but still!! So he got to have a 3 day weekend, and I had to take my butt to work today. Whomp whomp. But then he works Monday and that’s a Chinese national holiday! His company is stupid. >_> Bill was being an asshole too by asking me why the hell are some places closed today if Easter is on Sunday. Cuz it Good Friday fool!! Get ur shit together. Some folks do get off for Good Friday!

Today’s lunch was super ghetto. reason A made me chicken fried rice with only chicken, rice and egg. *FAILS* Cuz we ran out of peas and carrots! So my rice had no color! Lol. So fail. And the worst part was the chicken was white meat, it was a chicken breast which means it was extra dry. Lol. Then, I ate it with chicken salad and potato salad. Its like ghetto East meets West! Lol. Oh well, I got really full though. I guess that’s all that matters. O_o

So my co-worker Saira told came and told me she was pregnant. I knew something was up cuz I saw her run to the restroom a lot, and I thought I heard her gagging. She also has been requesting a lot of days off for doctors appts. She said she hasn’t been feeling well. I know Bossman is not going like this. He hates giving days off, maternity leave and all that stuff. He just needs to hire all guys and call it a day. Ugh. so difficult being a woman.


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