Crazy News Story: I Took Care Of The Mistress’s Baby

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So I was listening to the Bert Show and they had this one listener that called in that said she moved a lady who just had a baby into her house out of the kindness of her heart, then later found out that the lady was her husband’s mistress, and the child was said woman and the husband’s love child!!


Everyone on the show was like WHAT?! So she met this lady. I forgot how, through a friend maybe? They got along decently so they exchanged numbers. Later lady tells her she just had a baby and if she’d mind watching the baby for a bit. She went to this woman’s house, which basically was a shack and saw that those were no living conditions for a woman and a newborn so she offered them to stay at her house!!

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, she came home one day and caught her husband in the shower with said woman! Whoa!! He denied it although both were butt ass naked and then she interrogated them about the baby which they also denied was his. Lucky for her, they sell DNA test kits everywhere so she did her little testing thing, sent off for results to a lab, and BAM! Baby was theirs. Lol. So all along she had taken in her husband’s mistress and le love baby. Talk about double whammy! I wouldn’t be able to deal with it. There would be murder and bloodshed. >_>


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