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LV + CK + I Brought My Own Tea = Fob

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “Who the hell wants cat ass in their face when they’re chewing?” -Juse

Bossman’s back! That means I’m hauling ass! Lol. So today I had to deal with a Chinese person. Do not be alarmed or think I’m racist in anyway. My ass is Chinese. I’m allowed to rip on my own folks. Lol. So two Chinese folks came this week. Harry and Phillip. This is like my 3rd time seeing them? They’re nice people and out of all the rude ass Asians, they’re pretty polite I guess. I dread them coming because that means I will have a shit ton of paperwork to do. They flew in for business matters with Bossman. I’m not sure if they’re gonna be future investors but they will be doing some international business, and since they don’t have a business license in the U.S., I think they’re gonna use Bossman as a liaison.

The two dudes are related. Harry and his cousin Phillip. U know Chinese folk like to use the family, cuz its free labor. Lol. So Phillip stayed in NC for a meeting and Harry came down to have a meeting with us. He’s Cantonese; so in some sense, I feel like I’m looking at the future of Kenny. He’s got crappy English, he has a small stature compared to Americans, and he’s fobby! Lol. He’s so typical Chinese. He’s got the LV suitcase, with his CK undies, and of all things, the man carries around his own tea leaves. *DIES*

I can feel it now, I have to pull an overtime today. Ugh. Then Bossman suddenly tells me he has to make an emergency trip overseas this Sat?? What??? I’m ok with that as long as he signs my paycheck first!!

Milk, Why You No Likey Me?!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Discomfort)
Quote Of The Day: “When I fart, Bagel stares at me. Its like he knew I did it.” -reason A

I came home starving yesterday, so I decided while I wait for reason A to cook dinner, I’ll just have some milk and cereal. It was pretty yummy at the time, and although I knew maybe I shouldn’t have ate it since I just came off of my “womanly duties” and I shouldn’t be eating cold stuff, I was like eh, what the hell. Nope. Wrong decision. >_>

Like maybe 30 minutes to an hour after I had milk and cereal, my stomach was in knots. I felt bloated, uncomfortable, and at first I couldn’t tell if it was still cuz of my “womanly duties” or the milk. This went on for the whole freakin’ night through this morning! Oh man. I could tell it was the milk. Even though I don’t wanna admit it. I’m just a typical Asian I guess. Lactose intolerant. Lol. I can eat ice cream just fine or use dairy creamer in my coffee, but this drinking it straight up thing was a no go I guess. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a reaction but then this time, my body was like anit-milk. Such a fail. Did you guys know that cats are mostly lactose intolerant too? That’s why contrary to popular belief, u shouldn’t give kittens or cats “milk” from a cow. I know they always show it on cartoons and stuff, but their stomachs really can’t handle it. I think it gives them an upset stomach and they either end up farting a lot, wet poop or vomiting. I sure hope reason A can drink that whole gallon in a week by herself, cuz me and the cats can’t help! Lol.

This And That…

MOOD: onigiri- poker face (Uh…)
Quote Of The Day: “I can’t look in Muffin’s eyes. She gives the cute look and I feel guilty.” -Juse

So freakin’ tired today. I’m still working on catching up with all my crap at work. Good news is since Bossman hasn’t been here this week cuz he’s busy with his customers who are in town, so I can finally have some peace and quiet to finish my stuff. Muffin has been doing better today! I know she was expecting wet food but I think we’re still gonna hold off on it until we can examine her poop again today to make sure she’s doing alright. My poor baby.

Honestly, I think I’m feeling a little stressed about the whole Bill leaving situation. I don’t think its actually hit me yet, or I haven’t allowed myself to stop and think about it yet. But I know I’ll probably have some sort of panic attack once he leaves. Since Bossman won’t be here majority of the week, I’m going to try my best to relax this week, even if that means letting my paperwork fall behind a little bit because I need to save up my energy for when Bill is gone. *FAILS*

Wet Poop

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Worried)
Quote Of The Day: “Look at Muffin’s butt!!” -Juse

Last night we had an issue with Muffin’s butt. I know ya’ll appreciate how graphic I titled this post. Lol. I usually feed the cats canned food before I leave for work in the mornings. During the day they munch on dry food or “kibble” as its called. And then at night, I feed them canned food again before bed. I mean canned food is expensive! But since cats aren’t prone to drink water as much, its healthier to feed them a mix of wet and dry food or only wet, or they’ll be dehydrated.

Well Muffin was in a bad mood this morning, so she refused to eat. I think she was mad that I didn’t let her in my room while I was getting ready for work. I usually let her in but since I was running behind, I had to hustle and I didn’t have time to pet her and all that good stuff. She gets mad when I don’t pay attention to her. But Momma’s gotta go make that milk money boo boo!! Lol.

Since she didn’t eat her breakfast, there was canned food left over. I usually mix it with some cat milk. reason A didn’t wanna waste it so she didn’t toss it, she just left it sitting out all day hoping that they’d eat the rest of it. Well there was still some left over when I got home. Mind u that mean’s its been sitting out for like over 12 hrs now. The babies didn’t touch it but Muffin got hungry and I saw her nibble on some of it.

Not long afterwards, she was pacing a lot and running back and forth to the litter box! Poor Muffin had diarrhea! Noooo!!! This is the first time since we’ve had her that she’s had an upset stomach! We knew it had to be the canned food. It was probably spoiled by the time she ate it cuz it had been sitting out all day and it was rather warm today and milk spoils fast anyways. Poor Muffin!! We are so sorry. Her little butt looked like a baboon’s ass from all the pooping. Poor thing. We tired to hold her down as I wiped for her, but she of course she freaked out and was like why are you touching my ass!! Lol.

So for tomorrow, I think we’re gonna do dry food all day and see if that helps her a little bit. We gotta keep a close eye on the poop, and her ass. *FAILS*

The Fridge We Cleanith!!!

MOOD: onigiri- lightsaber (Workin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you sure those aren’t just empty cartons?” -reason A

Today’s task at hand was to clean the fridge!! I felt so damn lazy. We knew we had to get it done and it is just sooo much harder to clean a fridge when you have 3 cats running around. I mean its almost impossible. They’re nosy, they wanna be close to you, they’ll be tracking all around the kitchen, jumping on counters, the stove, all up in the fridge, its just a nightmare, so we’ve kept putting it off, but today is the day folks! After lunch we were all tired, so we all took a nap. The cats napped on my bed. Tehehe. So darn cute. Muffin cuddled up to me and the babies slept on top of my spare comforter.

After we woke up, we decided to keep the cats in my room and close the door. They can raise hell in my room while we have some peace and quiet in the kitchen. The fridge was a HOT MESS!! I would take a picture but ain’t nobody trying to get grossed out. I mean it was like ew, cuz we had stuff spill, and leftovers from who the hell knows when. Oh man! I cleaned out the fridge many times, but the problem is reason A can’t maintain it. She is really bad at packing or organizing and cleaning. Like if there was an award for the worst packer it would be her. I told her to put stuff in containers with lids so we can stack it in the fridge. But she always just leaves it in the freakin’ plate, then it dries up and u can’t eat it anyways, but she doesn’t wanna waste food so she doesn’t toss it. Ugh. Such a fail.

So we took out everything, even all the racks in the fridge itself, scrubbed, and wiped down everything, then reassembled the fridge, and I put everything in. We tossed out all the leftovers, FINALLY!! I’m just gonna have to start checking on a daily basis to make sure its maintained. Please tell me why I found 6 cartons of eggs in the fridge!! I kept buying eggs cuz neither one of use realized we had all those eggs! Who the hell has 6 cartons of eggs in the fridge?? I should have took a pic of that. No one would believe it.

Dr. Phil Episode: Catfishing x 7

MOOD: onigiri- scared (WTF)
Quote Of The Day: “So how did he keep up with all the stories? With an Excel sheet?” -Dr. Phil

So after seeing previews, I got super excited about Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Catfishing shows are always my favorite, second is probably interventions. I like catfishing shows cuz I feel like I know this subject well. My many years of trolling on the internet has lead me to many encounters with catfish, and I feel like I have a catfish radar like no other. I can spot a catfish a mile away. But I was also once that really innocent girl who believed in online dating, and trusted everyone I talked to be who they said they were. But after I upped my player level to pro, it amazes me to see how innocent some people can be. And how easily these folks are getting catfished. The only good thing about when I was a noob, was (a) no catfish got any money out of me, (b) didn’t lose myself to anybody, and (c) in the end I always exposed their ass and they ran like a mofo. Its the excitement of exposing them. It gets me as high as a kite. Lol.

I got excited about this episode cuz unlike the others, the catfish was going to show their face. So the catfish basically stole a handsome dude’s pic from online, used that as their pic, created a profile and started to catfish women. I’m sure there were others, but there were 7 on the show. That’s pretty impressive, cuz I can tell u it is difficult to keep up with 7 girls at one time, and the more impressive part was that according to them, they each heard a different variation of the background of the catfish so how the hell did u keep up with who you told what to?? Catfish level? 1000. Lol.

Many of the girls were from Brigham Young University which is an LDS college. They looked pretty wholesome and I’m sure many of them genuinely did not even know there were people out there that did this for sheer entertainment. But I think there was one girl who was catfished for years?? WHAT??? No way! I never understood that. Who the hell would go years without seeing someone? Me and Kenny were countries apart and it did take us a long ass time to meet, but we weren’t reluctant to meet, it was just finances, etc. If you requested several times to meet someone and they’re like no each time, then guess what?? Ur ass is being catfished!! There is just no question about it!

Well the catfish ended up being a lesbian who was not comfortable with her own sexuality at the time. I think she wanted to be in a romantic relationship with a woman, but obviously had her reservations with coming out publicly because she was also LDS. Honestly the girls or “victims” if you wanna call them that really let her off easy. I guess I’m just ghetto but my ass would have chewed her out! I’m sorry that u feel trapped in your own sexuality but lying and being deceptive is taking away someone’s right to choose to be in a relationship with someone they want to be in. All the girls were heterosexual and the whole time u had them believing that they were in a relationship with a man? Honestly, that’s just fucked up. I don’t know how to put that politely.

You can meet and find love online. Honestly, I know cuz I met Kenny there! Lol. Although it is definitely difficult and certainly not meant for everyone, but it is possible. Rules to know, if the person isn’t willing to talk to you on the phone, you’re being catfished. If that person isn’t willing to video chat with you or meet up with you, your being catfished. If they’ve know you for a very short period of time, and they ask you for money related favors, you’re being catfished! Wake up folks.

Maybe If I Pretend I Didn’t Hear It, It Won’t Happen

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustration)
Quote Of The Day: “Is everybody in his family dead yet?” -reason A

So today Bill comes up to me and tells me what Bossman told me like a month ago. That he’s taking time off to go back to Taiwan. Apparently his dad is in his old age, and he needs to go back to make living arrangements for him. Well, what is anyone to say about that? I gotta just take it up the ass I guess. My shocker came when he told me he’ll be gone for 3 weeks!! WTF!!! Its usually just two!! No!!! June is not here anymore so are you trying to tell me that I’ll now be doing 4 people’s jobs?? These are not part time folks, these are 4 full time jobs! U have got to be kidding me! I took a deep breath. Not like I can do shit about it. Honestly I have just not been motivated to do shit these past few weeks. I’m moving at turtle speed and feel lazy. The fact that its that time of the month is not helping the cause. I feel like crap.I told myself that I’ll make it through like I do every time he leaves, even if it is just me by myself this time.

I’m depending on my cats to keep me sane through all of this. Lol.

So Bloated I Can Float Away + Contemplating Costco Membership

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Blah)
Quote Of The Day: “Why am I wearing a belt that goes all the way up my ass crack?” -Juse

Its so hard being a woman. I was telling Lili how great it would be if women could get a couple of days off during that time of the month where we’re in pain, grouchy and unproductive anyways. Lol. That’s totally me today!! I feel so uncomfortable. I feel bloated and waddling like a damn duck. I just wanna lay down actually. Not in the mood at all. The worst part was work was super busy. I kept having to get up and run around and clients were coming in. Ugh!!

I spent the rest of my day “trying” to sort paperwork because I’m so damn behind on that, and browsing on Amazon and researching a Costco membership. Right now Sam’s Club has a really good deal on Groupon for a yr membership close to free, but I really wanted the Costco one, and I’m so mad at myself for missing the deal that Groupon or Living Social had a while back for the Costco membership! Arg!! But I figured it’d come in handy since it offers discounts on other things such as prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc. Granted I am managing fine with my daily needs and toiletries with just couponing but it would be nice to get discounts on other stuff as well, plus there’s one really close to me and if I can get gas cheaper that would be great! I might go check it out today after work if I haven’t passed out. Lol.

The Can Issue

MOOD: onigiri- all smiles (Derp)
Quote Of The Day: “Yeah, that’s the only reason I would get it cuz its basically free.” -Adriana

So we have a slight problem we need to address at home. The cats are starting to raid the trash can. Its not cuz we don’t feed them enough, its cuz we’ve been having seafood of some sort for dinner this week and they smell it. I mean seafood to a cat is like a donut to a police officer, its like spinach to Popeye, its like banana to a monkey! Cats love seafood!! But I didn’t know until I actually had my cats that its really not that great for their diet. Meats like chicken and turkey is way better. But they are drawn to the smell of seafood. So when we had fish bones or shrimp peels they’d go crazy! So we had to do something about it.

I decided I need to go find a trash can for the kitchen that had a lid on it. U know the ones u can step on and the lid pops up. That way we don’t have to consistently guard the can. I thought about getting a pet gate or child proof gate for the kitchen? But those are expensive and cats unlike dogs, can jump super high so I know they can jump pass the gate with no problem.

I went to The Container Store thinking I could find one there, which I did, but I thought I could find a better deal at Walmart, so I went there afterwards, but regretted it immediately cuz it was obvious The Container Store one was better! Nooo! So I went back and got that one. Now Muffin and the kids still go to the kitchen but we don’t have to worry about them getting into the trash! Whew.

PetSmart Cat Toy Hualage

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Love)
Quote Of The Day: “Muffin is a bad influence on her kids.” -reason A

I need to go buy cat food. But I went to PetSmart and the price of kitten food went up! WTF! Like its $0.10 more per can. We can’t do that. I can just get it at Walmart, or Kroger. I wish Publix sold the kitten one but they don’t. Booo!! But they did have a shit ton of toys on sale! And both me and Adriana know neither one of us can go to PetSmart and not pick up a toy for our babies!! So I racked up a lot! My babies are so spoiled. >_<

cat toys