Rainy Monday + Suck It Up

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Meh)
Quote Of The Day: “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” -Carpenters

I hate when it rains on a Monday, as if just simply being Monday isn’t annoying enough. I got a little bit more sleep last night. Must have been a solid 4 hrs. I’m thankful. Do I miss the peace and quiet I use to have before the cats? Yes I do. But do I regret getting them? Hell no!! I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! Muffin came into my room last night and refused to leave. I would have kept her in there, except she kept meowing and I share a wall with the neighbors so there was no way I could let her meow all night in my room. I tricked her into leaving my room and then locked my door. Lol. She was meowing outside my door for a LONG time. I know she was like, this b!tch tricked me. Lol!! I know she secretly loves me though. I can tell. Tehehe…

Bossman comes back on Wed! Welp, there goes my vacation as Kenny would say. I think Kenny thinks that I’m giving the cats more attention now than him. Which I wouldn’t even bother denying because its true. He told me I’m not showing him enough caring? Apparently work is stressing him out. One, I’m glad he’s still at the same damn job, and two, I’m glad his job is challenging and he’s not just sitting there letting his brain cells rot away. I just hate hearing me complain about stress. Call me old fashion but I’m always under the impression that if you’re a man, then u just suck it up and keep on movin’. I feel if I can do it on a daily basis, then u should be able to do it do without all that extra complaining. If life gets too stressful, then get urself a cat! Lol.


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