Me: 1, Muffin: 0

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Terrified)
Quote Of The Day: “She’s a troll.” -Adriana

So today I woke up late. This was bad. Today I had to take Muffin and the babies to the shelter vet to get their stitches removed from the spay/neutering. I knew it would be a struggle to get them in their carriers, cuz unlike dogs, cats hate car rides. I took out the carriers the night before so that they could get familiar with looking at it.

I had planned to get up early, feed them, play with them, and then slowly get them settled down in the carrier. That, however did not end up happening cuz my appt was at 2pm, and I didn’t wake up til 1pm! I was so exhausted from them raising havoc the night before that I was knocked out! So when it was 1:30pm after we all got dressed, I was rushing to stuff the cats into their carriers. The kittens were of course easy. U just pick them up, stuff them in the carrier, and zip it up. Muffin on the other hand. OMFG!! She refused to get in. I tried using treats to lure her, that didn’t work. She knew it was bad news if she went in. reason A was getting frustrated and told me to just man handle her, but I couldn’t grab her, stuff her and zip up the damn thing at one time!

She kept running away from me, I’d grab her but she would escape before I could zip the carrier up! OMG!! Then she got under the sofa and I had no choice but to lift up the sofa, and chase her down! I felt SOOO bad that I had to handle her like that, but we were running out of time! Then reason A jumped in to help and we were both man handling her, and she almost bit reason A! She was not just growling but she was hissing at me! That is the meanest I’ve ever seen her! I was so scared.

Finally we get to the vet only to find out that they had taken out their own stitches already! Such a fail. All that drama for nothing. But we did find out that they had a bunch of gunk stuck in their ears. I saw them scratching their ears and I didn’t know if it was fleas, come to find out its just a lot of ear wax build up. The vet cleaned all their ears with q-tips and gave me some ear drops to give them twice a day. The babies I can deal with but giving Muffin ear drops? Ha! Not gonna happen.

When we got home, of course she came out and immediately went under the sofa. Me and reason A were so stressed. We were thinking, we finally got her to trust us a little bit and now we have to start all over again, cuz we just pissed her off trying to take her to the vet. But we fed them right when we got back home and she actually bounced back pretty fast! By night time, she was out and about and we felt so relieved! No more vet visits for another year hopefully!! Whew!


Muffin after the vet. U can tell she’s scared and skittish. Poor thing. And we need to fatten her up! Well at least she let me finally take a pic right?


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