I Know She Loves Me + Fully Integrated Muffin

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “Muffin was looking all over the place for you!” -reason A

Ladies and gents. We have reached another milestone with Muffin. First off, when I came home yesterday from work, reason A told me that Muffin really missed me! She said that Muffin kept going to my bedroom looking for me and meowing her little tail off. I know she associates all things good in that house with me cuz I feed them, give them treats, and I talk to her softly and patiently when she hides under the table. That was so cute. Awww… She loves me. =)

So after she gave me some lovin’ once I got home, she had dinner with her babies, and then hung out even longer! She explored a little more, and then this happened…


Muffin perched on the tree!! OMFG!! (*Pees in pants excited)

Cats are most relaxed when they perch. I was so happy!! So she’s basically lounging! This was definitely a big deal. She’s on the lowest perch, which means she’s not very confident, but its a big step! Then shortly after…


She used her bed!! Auhhh!! That means no more sleeping under the sofa! OMG, thank you baby Jesus!

I was way too excited. That means she trusts us enough to claim this as her home. Honestly, it was a struggle, but it only took 2 days? I’m very proud! She’s a very smart cat. Eventually the whole fambam found its way to the tree and beds. So happy!


Haha. I just happened to snap the pic when Donut was yawning I think. But it looks like a roar. XD

After I fed them, they got a little sleepy, Muffin napped a tiny bit in her bed, but she kept waking up. The babies on the other hand were knocked out.


Bagel napping in his bed.

All in all it was a great night! Muffin did end up sleeping outside, but not in her bed, cuz the babies were running around buck wild and they kept pouncing on her and it woke her up. This morning I found her under the dining table. She did meow a good amount last night, but it wasn’t unbearable. I think she needs more attention. I’m going to see if she likes any of the toys today and try to get her some exercise. In the meanwhile, here’s a bonus pic of Donut, after her nap!



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