Keep Your Head In The Air~, And Meow Like U Just Don’t Care~!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Auhhhh!!)
Quote Of The Day: “I swear I’m going to send u back to the shelter!” -reason A

So last night was the first night with “The Breakfast Club” as I call all my cats collectively. Lol. Lets see how I can sum it up. IT.WAS.HELL. Yup. As I mentioned, Muffin was hiding the whole day. The more reason A kept trying to get her out, the more upset she was. I told reason A she’s only creating a set back. She just needs more time. Why would u expect a cat to adjust in one day??

Since we haven’t gotten a consistent feeding schedule down, its kinda hectic. The babies ate too early, took a nap and by the time we were about to go to bed, they were up, alert and ready to raise hell. Muffin was nowhere to be found. I believe she was under the sofa. My bedroom door is usually open but that didn’t happen much last night. I went to bed, and I soon heard a little scuffle. I felt some little feet walking all over me, and I thought it might be Donut and Bagel. Then before I knew it, they were walking all over my face!! Ahahaha. Its honestly not funny, but its pretty funny. I’m blind without my glasses on so all u could see was me in the dark, flailing my arms trying to see which little booger had literally “walked all over me”. Lol.

I got up and reason A was like, well this is not going to work, so I closed my door. Not completely but just a little. Then, it was drama time. Muffin came out, looked around, and stared at reason A in bed. She pretended not to see Muffin, so Muffin thought the coast was clear (she’s deathly afraid of reason A) and went and had food! I was so happy cuz poor thing hadn’t eaten all day! reason A said she ate a lot, had some water, and used the litter box. Yays! But problem came when her babies fell asleep on top of the cat tree where she couldn’t see them, and she started meowing. SHE MEOWED FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT!! She came in my room, meowed at me, then paced the hallway, she was just meowing and u couldn’t stop her at all!! reason A tried everything. She picked her up and showed her where the babies were, no luck. She stuffed Muffin in her carrier, no luck. Then she put the babies in the carrier with her, no luck.

I came out to look, and I was like OMG! U can’t stick 3 cats in the same carrier!! There’s not enough space! And u can’t zip them up cuz what if any of them need to poop?? reason A was just getting so frustrated. She didn’t wanna wake up the neighbors cuz we’re in a townhouse, so we’re technically connected, and our walls aren’t very sound proof. I think reason A literally wanted to murder her. I’m when I wasn’t looking, she beat her up too. Lol. Poor Muffin!!

When I got up to see how things were going (must have got up at least 10 times), she would run over to me and totally give me lovin’. She rubbed up against me, gave me head butts, and was jumping for joy! When I walked back to my room, she would follow. So I thought maybe she wanted to sleep with me? I let her in but she still kept meowing. So we had to put her back in the living room. Here is an illustration of our frustration level:


Like it literally was that bad!! I had work today! I only got 2 hours of sleep the whole night cuz we kept getting up to deal with Muffin! OMG! reason A said if she kept doing that, she’s just gonna throw her in the back yard to feed the wolves, or return her back to the shelter. I was like awww. I know she was just saying that cuz she was upset, but I felt bad for Muffin cuz I know she’s scared, and confused. >_<

I spoke to Steph, Will and Lynn about it and they all had different strategies. But in summary, she just needs more time. Lynn said she was probably crying because she’s not use to not having her babies sleep next to her. They were so caught up that they fell asleep in the cat tree, and poor Mom was just worried sick. Steph said if it happens again tonight then we might need to isolate her into the bathroom, because she’s probably overwhelmed by the huge space. I’m going to try everything tonight, because this can’t keep going on. I feel like I’m going to pass out today at work. *FAILS*


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