My Fur Babies Home Coming!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “Donut Hole? I love that!!” -Stephanie

Let us mark this momentous occasion, because my fur babies are finally home!! OMG. Such a long time coming. I’m glad they’re finally home! Stephanie told me her daughter had a sleepover last night and there were 12 girls in the house! So of course girls go goo-goo-gaga over kittens, so my little Bagel and Donut had a long night. The more u play with them, the more excited they get, and so they basically stayed up all night with the girls.

When I got to Steph’s house, the babies were already knocked out. Steph asked me if I’ve named them and I said I did. Their old names were crazy! They were named, Cherokee, Equinox, and Cayenne! Uh, I don’t know if I wanna say I’m not that sophisticated, not that big of a car buff, or just plain think those names are too hard, but we’ve named them Muffin, Donut and Bagel respectively. Lol!! I figured “M” for Mom and “M” for Muffin. Easy enough. Donut is the runt of the litter, she’s quiet and sweet, so I named her Donut. And Bagel is the boy, so “B” for boy and “B” for Bagel is easy to remember. He’s also the color of a plain bagel. Lol! He doesn’t have as strong of a pattern as his Mom.

The car ride home was ok! I told reason A to sit in the back with the cats, so she can keep an eye on the carrier, so they don’t fly off the seat when I slammed the breaks. reason A said the babies were just looking around, but Muffin was mean muggin’ her the whole ride!! Like staring her down! reason A said she was getting a little uneasy, cuz Muffin wouldn’t stop staring at her! Ahaha. How cute.

When we got home, the kiddos were up and about, looking all around. I poured some kitten formula for them and they drank it like a champ!! Little Donut eats like a 500lb man! What the hell? She drank her milk, bro’s milk and Mom’s milk!! @_@ Muffin was completely freaked out. It was a big change for her and its always SUPER hard on bigger cats, cuz they are more aware of what’s going on where as the babies just need food, sleep and a place to poop and they’re good to go. Lol.

Muffin went under the sofa and didn’t come out. I tried so many times, laying on the floor being eye level with her, staring into the sofa, and trying to get her to come out. At one point, I thought I was making progress. She stuck her head out and drank some milk! I got excited! Then she came out and had a little bit of food! But little Donut kept hanging around Muffin and reason A said the floor is too cold for Donut, she didn’t want them under the sofa. So we lifted up the sofa so they had nowhere to hide. Uh, that was a bad idea!! So she immediately went behind the TV and refused to come out! reason A thought that was a worse place than under the sofa because there are all kinds of cables there, and it was dusty!

She tried to poke her out and let me tell u, Muffin was not having any of that!! She started growling at reason A! I was like oh shit, we’re about to have a show down!! I got so scared that Muffin would attack because she seemed upset. Although I could tell she wasn’t a violent cat, like some of the My Cats From Hell, but I could tell that she was definitely on alert, and she wanted nothing to do with us!!

Meanwhile, the babies were doing fine. They found the cat tree, and then this happened:


Little Bagel knocked out on the sofa!


My precious Donut Hole!! She fell asleep on the cat tree.


Eventually both fell asleep on the tree and snuggled up for warmth. Awww..

The best news was that everyone figured out how to eat and use the litter box!! Oh man, they pooped a ton! I’m glad everyone was litter box trained and we didn’t have to deal with pee and poop everywhere. Hooray for being potty trained! Lol. Our biggest concern was Muffin though. I knew after poking at her behind the TV, we had lost all trust we had earned. I snapped at reason A cuz I told her she needs more patience with Muffin. I often stuck my fingers behind the TV so she could sniff me. I wanted her to get use to my scent. Right now, her and reason A are not on good terms. I jokingly told my friends that one was gonna kill the other, I just didn’t know who yet. Lol!!


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