Surgery Success + Cat Tree Came!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Tehehe)
Quote Of The Day: “She was lugging around a bag of pancake batter today.” -Stephanie

So Steph finally texted me back this morning! Muffin and the babies had a successful surgery yesterday! Hooray! One major thing checked off the list! reason A and I were very worried. The whole family undergoing surgery at the same time! I know its a good decision to spay and neuter ur pets but u can’t help but feel for them. How would u feel if someone cut off ur balls?? Lol.

My cat tree finally got delivered today! Hooray! The assembly was so easy. Honestly the quality was really good. The box came in mint condition and it was exactly as described. I sure hope the little boogers like it! Now we just need to find out where to put it. For right now we have it by the TV, but then I’m afraid when we turn up the volume, it will annoy them because they’re hearing is so keen. We’ll have to see.



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