Surgery Day For Fur Babies!

MOOD: onigiri- sad (Anxious)
Quote Of The Day: “Donut is too small!! If u cut her, she’ll just disappear!” -reason A

So today is the big day!! After I got that email from Lynn telling me that the cat fambam was being treated for a fungal infection I got super worried, but she reassured me that since the vet cleared them for surgery, that means they were doing good. Because they have to undergo anesthesia before surgery, so it really lowers ur immune system. If they were weak, then the surgery couldn’t proceed.

I was anxious the whole day because I didn’t really know what time the actual surgery was. I texted Steph around 3pm?? I waited patiently but she never responded!! Noo!! How do u expect me to sleep tonight not knowing how everything went? Mom was anxious too. We’re like expecting parents. Lol. Hopefully everything went well and Steph gives me good news tomorrow.

Today is Bossman’s last day! Yessss Lawd! Give me freedom!! Although I will still have the same huge workload cuz its high season, at least I won’t have someone breathing down my neck about this and that! His flight was at 7pm, so he stopped by the office before heading to the airport because we’re on the way. That means 2 weeks of freedom! I was like

bye felicia


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