TGIF + Working Overtime + Weekend Work

MOOD: onigiri- sweating (Gulps)
Quote Of The Day: “But for real though. If I eat these balls, will it bring me good luck, good fortune and good health?” -Den

Bossman is leaving out of town next week! Hooray! But with that said, that means that these few days leading up to him leaving is extremely hectic. He knows for a fact, and its something we don’t deny but our productivity goes way down when he’s not here. When the cats away the mice will play right? We almost feel like we are entitled to slacking off when he’s gone cuz he works us like a dog when he’s here. So he’s trying to squeeze in 2 weeks worth of work in these couple of days!! Everyone is pulling over time but me! I don’t feel guilty about it at all! Cuz I work 3 people’s job, that’s like overtime everyday! No way I’m staying after hrs too! Screw that.

Tomorrow is a big day! Its carpet washing day! I don’t know how ready I am for this. Its definitely a big project. I have the dining room, living room, my room and the hallway. The house is not big, but the carpet is very soiled so it’s gonna take quite a bit of scrubbing and washing to get all the dirt out. I’m gonna do the work since reason A is too old for all that heavy lifting. Hopefully we’ll do it at our own pace cuz we plan to rent out the machine early in the morning and take it back either before Home Depot closes or the next morning. Plenty of time right? Wish me luck! *GULPS*


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