reason A Cracks Under Pressure + Meeting My Forever Cats!

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Quote Of The Day: “We call her the bag lady.” -Stephanie

So last night when I got home, I didn’t see much improvement on the dining room. Still papers, still boxes, and still a hot mess. Although I remind reason A every day to clean and she said she has been looking through and tossing some newspapers, it is just now occurring to her that its way too overwhelming. This is what I can’t stand about her! She always says everything is “fast” or “easy” and maybe it could be for someone else, but I know its not for her!! Like she always says making dumplings for dinner is “fast” and it always takes her more than 3 hrs to make it! Like she literally has no sense of time. So last last weekend, me and her got into it cuz I got mad and snapped on her about how we need to start tackling the dining room, and she snapped back saying “There’s nothing to clean! Its just newspapers that won’t take me but a day or two to sort out and pack up!” So a week later and guess what??

She actually starts sorting and realizes its hopeless!! There is no freakin way she can get all the “newspapers” sorted and boxed any time soon!! Like it was actually stressing her out! WTF!! So she told me she doesn’t know about going to see the kittens today! I was like WHAT?? I was so pissed. I told her even if we pushed back looking at them for 2 or 3 more weeks, that is not the problem! The problem is not time, the problem is her!! I told her, “I thought u said it wasn’t gonna take u long and now u’re telling me its too overwhelming for you to tackle??” She just said “Well it just is!” I literally felt my blood pressure go up. I was SOOO pissed!!

I told her I don’t give a hot damn, she doesn’t have to go if her ass doesn’t want to, I am going and she needs to clean her shit up!! So finally she was like, we don’t even know if these are going to be the ones, and here you are rushing me to clean up the house. Uh, no. It should have never gotten to this point in the first place! And you’re forever preaching that ur newspapers only take a little while to clean up but guess what? I’ve been looking at the same damn pile of newspapers my whole life! that’s more than 30 yrs!! FML!!

Anyways, so we decided we’d go look at the cat family first and then make a decision. The plans were to have place cleaned by today and do carpet washing tomorrow. Obviously that was not going to happen anymore. So we’ll have to see. Foster parent Stephanie set us up to meet the cats around noon. With the help of GPS I got there with no problems at all. She lived in a nice neighborhood, like upper middle class I guess, and she has a nice home. She welcomed us in, it was a little hectic because she was renovating upstairs.

I immediately saw an orange tabby on the kitchen counter! That must be Momma Cat! I pointed and said “Is that her??” Steph said yes, and welcomed us in the kitchen. Right when I walked up, I saw 4 kittens sitting in one of the bar chairs next to the counter, how cute!! They were 3 months old! When I was staring at the kittens, Momma Cat came over and head butted me! I immediately was like “OMG, reason A, look!!” At that moment, I knew it was meant to be. Momma Cat was coming home with us too! She didn’t feel threatened by me, or my scent and she showed friendliness, this was a good start!

Steph’s daughters were home, so we each grabbed a kitten and headed to the sun room where we could sit and talk. Momma Cat’s eyes just lit up when she saw us take her babies! I know she was freakin’ out. She had 6 kittens and 2 just got adopted out yesterday. I’m sure she’s freakin’ out cuz she noticed the two that got taken by humans yesterday never came back! So she thinks we’re taking all her babies! Right when we sat down in the sun room I could hear Momma Cat in the kitchen meowing her little head off!! She was probably yelling, “Where are my babies??!” Aww…

Steph had cats all over the place! Sad that most of them were black. Black cats are just so hard to adopt out. I know there are people out there that do love black cats, like my friend Will, but most people don’t! And u know superstitious people think black cats are unlucky. Poor guys. They’re getting discriminated against cuz of their color. *FAILS* Anyways, we sat down and the kittens immediately started playing on the floor! It was so cute. Steph told me about how they were rescued from a hoarder. The man got kicked out of his apt and was raising 25 cats in one SUV!! I thought to myself, great. The cats were rescued from one hoarding situation only to be adopted into another one! *EPIC FAILS*

First thing me and reason A noticed was how skinny they were. Momma Cat was skinny and her babies were too. Steph told me she only feeds them dry food. (Not good) cuz she can’t stand the smell of canned cat food. But canned is so much more healthy! Its packed with more real meat and protein to help them put on muscle when they’re in their growing stage! Momma Cat was so skinny u could see her shoulder blades!! >_< Poor girl. That won’t be a problem for long though, reason A has a tendency to overfeed. That is why I was always overweight as a kid, even our fish were overweight.

Steph told me that she has a problem with always hauling trash around. Ahaha. Its funny but at the same time sad, cuz I know she picked that up from her previous hoarding environment. One day Steph noticed Momma Cat had pulled out a corn on the cob out the trash. She lugged that thing everywhere! From room to room! Then when she turned around, she had accumulated 4 cobs! Ahaha. Then Momma Cat brought all her kittens over and forced them onto the corn! Aww, she was trying to teach them that this was food! Can u imagine?? It was obvious that she was malnourished, and her owner had never fed her real cat food before! She probably grew up eating scraps out the trash and many times, she probably ate left over corn on the cob! So she recognized it as food source! She insisted that her babies eat the corn! Kittens were confused as heck. To her, this was survival! Corn will save ur life! Lol.

When Steph first gave her legit cat food, Momma Cat just looked up at her, like “Is all this for me? All this food?” How sad is that!! The cat still always raided the trash cuz she doesn’t know u know? She doesn’t know that human provided food will be dependable from now on and she is so scared of starving that she always wants to accumulate a stash of “food” for later! Aww, its the most heartbreaking thing ever. Steph said that the whole family had serious eye infections when they first came, and had to be on some serious eye drops 4 times a day as well as take antibiotics. They were on it for a good month or more but are fine now. One of the black kittens had it really bad and the eye drops didn’t kick in fast enough so he lost an eye. =( Now he only has one eye, but Steph said he’s a trooper and is doing pretty good. So sad!!!

I definitely fell in love with them, reason A seemed to love them too. Momma Cat eventually found us, and saw that her babies were ok, so she stopped meowing and took a seat next to me so she could keep an eye on us. Hehe, so cute. Then she started to groom the smallest kitten! Steph said that this little kitten was the runt of the litter, and was the smallest. She’ll probably be small even when she grows up, which is fine with us. We told Steph that we want to adopt all 3! Two kitten and the Mom! Steph was so happy that Momma Cat was getting a forever home because she felt so bad for her. So here are my babies!!

IMG_0511 copy

After leaving Steph’s place, we met up with Lynn (my adoption coordinator) at the shelter to do some paperwork. It was pretty complicated. So since babies haven’t had their neutering surgery yet, I couldn’t do the full adoption paperwork because I wasn’t taking them home. I talked to Steph and she was ok with keeping them for one extra week so instead of bringing them home next weekend, we’d be bringing them home 2 weeks from now. This gives me and reason A more time to clean and then get the carpets washed before the kittens come.

Since I wasn’t taking them home right away, Lynn said we had to do a “foster to adopt” form and then the week we actually take them home, we’ll do the legit adoption paperwork, but I can go ahead and pay the adoption fee to ensure that they don’t get adopted out by someone else. I had talked to Steph about cat supplies and I told her I have everything I need but I would like to get the cats a cat tree. Cat trees are so expensive, but I think its a good investment IF u have a lot of cats. Steph said it was a shame cuz she had just saw one at Goodwill for only $15 and it was pretty new!!

I was like aw man! Cuz cat trees run anywhere from $50-$100!! Her daughter was like, “See! I told u u should have got it!” Lol. So after meeting up with Lynn, we stopped by a Goodwill to see if we could find something for the cat, but we didn’t have any luck. Honestly this was the first time I’ve ever been in a Goodwill. I’ve never thrifted in my life! I’m a tiny bit of a germaphob and I can’t deal with wearing used clothing. But I guess there are somethings that are ok for second hand use. We didn’t find any carriers or cat trees, but we came out with a plate. Lol! We saw a plate that reason A liked so we got that. But we’ll check out some more places when we get a chance.


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