Work And Stress And Cats, Oh My~!

MOOD: onigiri- dillusional (Confused)
Quote Of The Day: “Yeah, cuz Charlie ain’t dumb. She’s going to want to live on this couch!” -Adriana

It wasn’t that cold when I left the house, but by afternoon time u could definitely feel the cold kicking in. Amazing how I was wearing short sleeves yesterday cuz it was SO hot and here we are freezing our asses off again. *FAIL* So work has been super kicking my butt. Its kinda overwhelming with the whole “cat adoption” episode for the past couple of weeks, along with the super high season at work, AND the kinda sorta spring cleaning going on at home. >_>

I’m honestly hoping to hurry and wrap up this cat thing, not that I don’t have patience for it but cuz I wanna hurry up and bring the cats home. For the past couple of days, I’ve been consistently dreaming about cats! Its obsessive! Lol. Pets help reduce stress, I would love to get home from a long day and have a fur buddy to welcome me and purr at me and make me feel loved.

So I talked to Will today cuz he’s my cat expert. He use to have a black cat named White when I first met him. He had White for a long time. I use to cat watch for him when he went out of town cuz we lived in the same apts. I just had to go once a day to change out its water, and add some food. The cat did not give me the time of day! Its personality was totally like Will! Lol. Not a very social cat. I tried playing with it and reason A said the cat must be racist, and had something against Asians. Lol!! I use to buy White cat food for Christmas every year. Well, White passed away and a couple of years later he got another cat. That cat ended up having kittens. At the time he asked me if I wanted one and I did! But reason A wouldn’t let me have one cuz she fed the birds in the back yard and she was afraid the cat would eat the birds?? What the heck.

He ended up keeping 2 himself, along with Momma Cat. Then he had this stray cat that would come around on rainy days, but leave the next day, but one day I guess she decided to stay! So now he has 4 cats. Lol!! Maybe my cats can have a play date with his one day! XD


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