PetSmart Kitten Food Wormage!

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Quote Of The Day: “Why are you having a traumatic event, u don’t even have cats yet!” -Adriana

I went worming today at PetSmart!! I use to visit PetSmart a lot when I had my fish, but of course after my fish all passed away, I never went in there again. Now that we’re getting cats, I feel like I’m there all the damn time! Thank goodness there is one in Buckhead so its pretty convenient. I’ve never tried to use coupons there before, but I figure I’d try my hand at it today. I always look like a grandma with my bag of coupons, but hey. Gotta do what u gotta do!

I needed to get more canned kitten food. I figured with two kittens we’ll go through a lot. So I checked the website and they were $0.59 a piece. I had a $5 off $25 coupon and then a $3 survey completion credit. I didn’t know if I could use them all at once, but I wanted to try cuz that’s $8 off which is very significant!!

I got 48 cans (2 cases) which was like $28, but when I got to the register the cashier scanned my coupons in the wrong order. She used the $3 one first which brought my total below the $25 requirement to use the $5 coupon. Then she didn’t know how to get out of it so she had to call a manager and then ended up doing a void. I then turned in to “that customer” again who is annoying and holding up the line. I could see the cashier getting frustrated, cuz when the line starts to get long, u can’t help but feel the pressure.

But in the end, my plan worked out and I ended up getting 48 cans of food for $0.32/can! Woohoo!! Juse is still on her worm game! Lol.



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