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Current Status: Grandma Bound

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Quote Of The Day: “All the talks about veggies and farmer’s markets, it hit me that I’m married and old.” -Ranjiba

Time is flying by way too fast. I processed payroll today for work and I’m like, its April already?? WTF! Why are we about to hit second quarter? I told Lili that I accidentally lied about my age to a client today. She suddenly asked me how old I was, and it caught me off guard. As retarded as it sounds, I often forget how old I am. I am so immature that its just hard for me to grasp the idea that I’m in my 30s. I don’t feel like I’m that old, although sometimes my body aches like a grandma, and I don’t think like an adult either. *FAILS* The client asked me how old I was and I meant to say 32, but I busted out with 23! WTF! That’s not even close! She didn’t even think anything of it. #wellalrightythen

Runa, Ranjiba and I were group texting and Ranjiba had mentioned how she felt old cuz she keeps noticing grocery prices. Ahaha. Runa is even worse, she said she really wants a rocking chair. I’m like rocking chair?? That is way too grandmaish! But I don’t need to be talkin’ cuz I’ll be the first to get excited over a sale on some corn. *DIES* I need to get a VIP card for all grocery stores because I am literally in Publix every single morning and worming or going to the grocery store again in the evening! My life is consumed with grocery shopping? I’m like the stay at home mom, except I don’t stay at home and I’m not a mom. Lol!! Such a fail.

Rainy Monday + Suck It Up

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Quote Of The Day: “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” -Carpenters

I hate when it rains on a Monday, as if just simply being Monday isn’t annoying enough. I got a little bit more sleep last night. Must have been a solid 4 hrs. I’m thankful. Do I miss the peace and quiet I use to have before the cats? Yes I do. But do I regret getting them? Hell no!! I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world! Muffin came into my room last night and refused to leave. I would have kept her in there, except she kept meowing and I share a wall with the neighbors so there was no way I could let her meow all night in my room. I tricked her into leaving my room and then locked my door. Lol. She was meowing outside my door for a LONG time. I know she was like, this b!tch tricked me. Lol!! I know she secretly loves me though. I can tell. Tehehe…

Bossman comes back on Wed! Welp, there goes my vacation as Kenny would say. I think Kenny thinks that I’m giving the cats more attention now than him. Which I wouldn’t even bother denying because its true. He told me I’m not showing him enough caring? Apparently work is stressing him out. One, I’m glad he’s still at the same damn job, and two, I’m glad his job is challenging and he’s not just sitting there letting his brain cells rot away. I just hate hearing me complain about stress. Call me old fashion but I’m always under the impression that if you’re a man, then u just suck it up and keep on movin’. I feel if I can do it on a daily basis, then u should be able to do it do without all that extra complaining. If life gets too stressful, then get urself a cat! Lol.

Relaxed Sunday, Kinda?

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Quote Of The Day: “They are juts such tiny things on the floor!” -reason A

I woke up pretty early today. I thought I could finally sleep in but that didn’t happen at all. Whomp whomp. We got some grocery shopping in after the vet yesterday, so I didn’t have to go anywhere today. I just feel so damn tired all the time! This averaging 2-3 hrs of sleep a night is killing me! Aren’t cats suppose to help reduce stress? Lol.

I feel even worse for reason A though cuz she’s in the living room! So she literally gets no sleep. We have got to hurry up and clean out that bedroom so she can use that and not be in the living room going through all that craziness when the cats raise hell at night. With that said, I think they have brought some peace to us relationship wise, because we haven’t argued or raised voices or had drama in a week. I think its cuz we are way too occupied with taking care of the cats. Lol!!

I kinda like this. I literally feel like I’m going to pass out any minute, but at the same time its very rewarding. Lol. Cats FTW!!


Me and Little Donut sunbathing this morning. =)

Me: 1, Muffin: 0

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Quote Of The Day: “She’s a troll.” -Adriana

So today I woke up late. This was bad. Today I had to take Muffin and the babies to the shelter vet to get their stitches removed from the spay/neutering. I knew it would be a struggle to get them in their carriers, cuz unlike dogs, cats hate car rides. I took out the carriers the night before so that they could get familiar with looking at it.

I had planned to get up early, feed them, play with them, and then slowly get them settled down in the carrier. That, however did not end up happening cuz my appt was at 2pm, and I didn’t wake up til 1pm! I was so exhausted from them raising havoc the night before that I was knocked out! So when it was 1:30pm after we all got dressed, I was rushing to stuff the cats into their carriers. The kittens were of course easy. U just pick them up, stuff them in the carrier, and zip it up. Muffin on the other hand. OMFG!! She refused to get in. I tried using treats to lure her, that didn’t work. She knew it was bad news if she went in. reason A was getting frustrated and told me to just man handle her, but I couldn’t grab her, stuff her and zip up the damn thing at one time!

She kept running away from me, I’d grab her but she would escape before I could zip the carrier up! OMG!! Then she got under the sofa and I had no choice but to lift up the sofa, and chase her down! I felt SOOO bad that I had to handle her like that, but we were running out of time! Then reason A jumped in to help and we were both man handling her, and she almost bit reason A! She was not just growling but she was hissing at me! That is the meanest I’ve ever seen her! I was so scared.

Finally we get to the vet only to find out that they had taken out their own stitches already! Such a fail. All that drama for nothing. But we did find out that they had a bunch of gunk stuck in their ears. I saw them scratching their ears and I didn’t know if it was fleas, come to find out its just a lot of ear wax build up. The vet cleaned all their ears with q-tips and gave me some ear drops to give them twice a day. The babies I can deal with but giving Muffin ear drops? Ha! Not gonna happen.

When we got home, of course she came out and immediately went under the sofa. Me and reason A were so stressed. We were thinking, we finally got her to trust us a little bit and now we have to start all over again, cuz we just pissed her off trying to take her to the vet. But we fed them right when we got back home and she actually bounced back pretty fast! By night time, she was out and about and we felt so relieved! No more vet visits for another year hopefully!! Whew!


Muffin after the vet. U can tell she’s scared and skittish. Poor thing. And we need to fatten her up! Well at least she let me finally take a pic right?

Muff FTW! + Vet Vist Tomorrow

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Quote Of The Day: “She won’t let me take off that piece of crust on her nose.” -reason A

Last night, we saw two more improvements with Muffin!! One, when we opened the door she usually runs for dear life under the sofa. Not sure why, but she’s deathly afraid of the door. We think maybe she associates the door with bad thoughts, like when it opens it means she’s changing owners again? Aww, poor thing. But last night when reason A opened the door to go dump trash, she stayed on her big mat and didn’t move!! Hooray!! That means her confidence is up some more!

Second thing is we got her to play around more! She never gets on furniture. She rarely even gets on second level of cat tree, but yesterday they were playing with Da Bird, and she got up on the sofa with her babies whacking at the feathers! Haha. Way too cute. Honestly there is a special place in my heart for Muffin. I feel for her and what she had to go through at such a young age. I’m glad that I’m able to give her a stable home WITH her babies, and hopefully she’ll learn to love me as much as I love her.


Muffin and her babies mid-whack on the feathers! Lol!

Tomorrow I’m taking all 3 to the shelter vet to take out their stitches. Hopefully that goes good cuz cats don’t travel well and they hate getting in carriers. I’m gonna bring out the carriers tonight so they can sniff it and not freak out in the morning. Wish me luck!

The Saga Of Muffin Continues…

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Quote Of The Day: “She rolls her Rs. I’ve never heard a cat that does that.” -reason A

So we had a good afternoon with Muffin yesterday! I got off work and busted out with 2 new toys, the laser pointer and “Da Bird”. And she loved both of them. This was the first time I saw Muffin actually playing. I was trying so hard to wear them out because I thought that would help with the raising havoc at night and the meowing. But the person that got worn out was actually me. Lol! I mean I had a long day of work, a long ass commute then I come home and run around all over the place with the cats, hell yeah I’m gonna be tired!

We were so caught up in feeding and playing with the cats that we almost forgot to have dinner ourselves! By the time we remembered and actually had dinner, it was super late. At first, Muffin did good. She meowed for a little bit then went to sleep. I had peace all the way til like 4am! She woke up then started meowing. But o’man when I got up to get ready for work, it was on! She was meowing like crazy and its already hectic in the mornings cuz reason A is making breakfast, trying to pack me lunch, I’m trying to get ready, dressed, make coffee, feed the cats, scoop litter, all in about one hrs time! So her meowing just drove us nuts! reason A was cussing her out. She said “U have all the shit u need, why the hell are you meowing!” Lol.

Stephanie told me Muffin talked a lot. But I didn’t know she meant A LOT. I mean this cat is constantly meowing. I can’t tell if its cuz there is a need we are still not meeting or if she wants attention or what. And she has a very high pitched voice, and for the most part its pretty quiet, but sometimes she can get loud too, and oh man. I just wanna give her a time out. Lol.

But here goes a pic of her playing last night! So stinkin’ cute! U can’t see it in the pic, but I’m holding up this feather wand thing that they’re trying to reach up and catch.


I Know She Loves Me + Fully Integrated Muffin

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “Muffin was looking all over the place for you!” -reason A

Ladies and gents. We have reached another milestone with Muffin. First off, when I came home yesterday from work, reason A told me that Muffin really missed me! She said that Muffin kept going to my bedroom looking for me and meowing her little tail off. I know she associates all things good in that house with me cuz I feed them, give them treats, and I talk to her softly and patiently when she hides under the table. That was so cute. Awww… She loves me. =)

So after she gave me some lovin’ once I got home, she had dinner with her babies, and then hung out even longer! She explored a little more, and then this happened…


Muffin perched on the tree!! OMFG!! (*Pees in pants excited)

Cats are most relaxed when they perch. I was so happy!! So she’s basically lounging! This was definitely a big deal. She’s on the lowest perch, which means she’s not very confident, but its a big step! Then shortly after…


She used her bed!! Auhhh!! That means no more sleeping under the sofa! OMG, thank you baby Jesus!

I was way too excited. That means she trusts us enough to claim this as her home. Honestly, it was a struggle, but it only took 2 days? I’m very proud! She’s a very smart cat. Eventually the whole fambam found its way to the tree and beds. So happy!


Haha. I just happened to snap the pic when Donut was yawning I think. But it looks like a roar. XD

After I fed them, they got a little sleepy, Muffin napped a tiny bit in her bed, but she kept waking up. The babies on the other hand were knocked out.


Bagel napping in his bed.

All in all it was a great night! Muffin did end up sleeping outside, but not in her bed, cuz the babies were running around buck wild and they kept pouncing on her and it woke her up. This morning I found her under the dining table. She did meow a good amount last night, but it wasn’t unbearable. I think she needs more attention. I’m going to see if she likes any of the toys today and try to get her some exercise. In the meanwhile, here’s a bonus pic of Donut, after her nap!


Proud Mommy: The Redemption of Muffin

MOOD: onigiri- so freckin' happy (Excited)
Quote Of The Day: “Look at Donuts big ol’ head!!” -reason A

Muffin had a good night last night!! OMG. I am SOOO relieved! Ya’ll just don’t know. I have such a long commute and work day that I really can’t afford to not sleep! I don’t blame Muffin for meowing all night last night. Its a new place, we turned the lights off, she couldn’t find her babies, I’d be crying my ass off too if I were her. My heart was aching for her, reason A was getting annoyed and beating the shit out of her, and I just didn’t know what to do.

One saying that I’ve always lived by is “Even if you take two steps forward and one step back, you are technically still moving forward!” This is so true! Sometimes we experience setbacks and get discouraged, and forget to look back and appreciate that we probably have made some sort of progress! Last night we were prepared to put Muffin in isolation in the bathroom if she continued to meow all night. We can’t risk disturbing the neighbors or keeping ourselves up all night tending to her.

I was pleasantly surprised that when I got home, and looked under the sofa, Muffin immediately came towards me. I fed her a few treats, and she actually came out from under the sofa to greet me!! She’s never came out in broad daylight! Her babies were out and about and she actually hung out with us for a bit. But when reason A came out the kitchen, she immediately started to growl. Poor Muffin, she doesn’t like reason A. Lol. Probably cuz she beats her ass. *FAILS*

So reason A thought since she’s out, might as well try to feed them now so she can eat with the babies. I’ve been feeding them all canned kitten food mixed with some cat milk and then leaving out a bowl of dry food for them to munch on throughout the day. Muffin actually went to go eat with her babies!! I was SOOO excited! She feels comfortable enough to eat in public! She ate a lot too. I was very proud. Afterwards, she hung out some more. Used the scratching post a little, then went back under the sofa.

We played with Donut and Bagel for a long time. I was trying to wear them out so they’d go to sleep when we did. But they were so filled with energy and on a high that they just went crazy!! They were pouncing on each other and chasing each other around, it was so cute!

Once we turned out the lights, it was the moment of truth. I thought Muffin would do better last night cuz she did come out to eat and lounge a little bit and that was already a HUGE improvement. At first, they all came into my room and meowed for like an hour. I just ignored them. I learned that the more u get up to tend to them the more they do it. So after a while of meowing they just left! Then no more meowing!

Around 4am I got up to use the restroom and I heard some meowing but after that it got quiet again!! I was SOO proud of Muffin!! This means she’s settling down! Hooray!! Maybe we can get to the point where there is no meowing at night! OMG.

Happy Birthday Hubby!

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Quote Of The Day: “I’m gonna make you noodles! Don’t all Chinese people eat noodles for their birthday?” -Juse

[Daily Double Feature]

So I never post 2 post under the same date, but today is the exception because I think both situations are deserving of their own post. One was the cat drama I had last night and second, today is Kenny’s birthday!!


I usually design his birthday card about a week in advance, but due to the cats coming home this weekend, I totally forgot to do that. I hauled ass this morning to create one and send it over. Whew!! (No it is not the one above, this is just an icon to go with it) I’m sure he’s feeling a little neglected recently cuz all I’ve been talkin’ about are the cats. But its hard for people to understand how excited I am to finally have cats! Lol.

I can’t believe we’re both this old. Hubs just turned 33. Ouch. I do enjoy the few months out the year when I can say he’s older than me though! Cuz his birthday is 5 months before mine. Lol. I feel bad for him cuz after grandma left, he’s basically in Canton by himself, and there’s no one to help him celebrate. His BFF, his cousin is in town on business so he took him out to dinner which was nice, but then he went home with his wifey and I’m not there with Kenny so whomp whomp.

But in his birthday card I did mention that this was probably the last birthday he’ll ever celebrate alone, because surely we’ll be together by next year! And I told him we have a warm welcome waiting and 3 furry pets too! Its a nice family picture right? Minus the reason A drama, but lets think happy thoughts right now. >_>.

Keep Your Head In The Air~, And Meow Like U Just Don’t Care~!

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Auhhhh!!)
Quote Of The Day: “I swear I’m going to send u back to the shelter!” -reason A

So last night was the first night with “The Breakfast Club” as I call all my cats collectively. Lol. Lets see how I can sum it up. IT.WAS.HELL. Yup. As I mentioned, Muffin was hiding the whole day. The more reason A kept trying to get her out, the more upset she was. I told reason A she’s only creating a set back. She just needs more time. Why would u expect a cat to adjust in one day??

Since we haven’t gotten a consistent feeding schedule down, its kinda hectic. The babies ate too early, took a nap and by the time we were about to go to bed, they were up, alert and ready to raise hell. Muffin was nowhere to be found. I believe she was under the sofa. My bedroom door is usually open but that didn’t happen much last night. I went to bed, and I soon heard a little scuffle. I felt some little feet walking all over me, and I thought it might be Donut and Bagel. Then before I knew it, they were walking all over my face!! Ahahaha. Its honestly not funny, but its pretty funny. I’m blind without my glasses on so all u could see was me in the dark, flailing my arms trying to see which little booger had literally “walked all over me”. Lol.

I got up and reason A was like, well this is not going to work, so I closed my door. Not completely but just a little. Then, it was drama time. Muffin came out, looked around, and stared at reason A in bed. She pretended not to see Muffin, so Muffin thought the coast was clear (she’s deathly afraid of reason A) and went and had food! I was so happy cuz poor thing hadn’t eaten all day! reason A said she ate a lot, had some water, and used the litter box. Yays! But problem came when her babies fell asleep on top of the cat tree where she couldn’t see them, and she started meowing. SHE MEOWED FOR 6 HOURS STRAIGHT!! She came in my room, meowed at me, then paced the hallway, she was just meowing and u couldn’t stop her at all!! reason A tried everything. She picked her up and showed her where the babies were, no luck. She stuffed Muffin in her carrier, no luck. Then she put the babies in the carrier with her, no luck.

I came out to look, and I was like OMG! U can’t stick 3 cats in the same carrier!! There’s not enough space! And u can’t zip them up cuz what if any of them need to poop?? reason A was just getting so frustrated. She didn’t wanna wake up the neighbors cuz we’re in a townhouse, so we’re technically connected, and our walls aren’t very sound proof. I think reason A literally wanted to murder her. I’m when I wasn’t looking, she beat her up too. Lol. Poor Muffin!!

When I got up to see how things were going (must have got up at least 10 times), she would run over to me and totally give me lovin’. She rubbed up against me, gave me head butts, and was jumping for joy! When I walked back to my room, she would follow. So I thought maybe she wanted to sleep with me? I let her in but she still kept meowing. So we had to put her back in the living room. Here is an illustration of our frustration level:


Like it literally was that bad!! I had work today! I only got 2 hours of sleep the whole night cuz we kept getting up to deal with Muffin! OMG! reason A said if she kept doing that, she’s just gonna throw her in the back yard to feed the wolves, or return her back to the shelter. I was like awww. I know she was just saying that cuz she was upset, but I felt bad for Muffin cuz I know she’s scared, and confused. >_<

I spoke to Steph, Will and Lynn about it and they all had different strategies. But in summary, she just needs more time. Lynn said she was probably crying because she’s not use to not having her babies sleep next to her. They were so caught up that they fell asleep in the cat tree, and poor Mom was just worried sick. Steph said if it happens again tonight then we might need to isolate her into the bathroom, because she’s probably overwhelmed by the huge space. I’m going to try everything tonight, because this can’t keep going on. I feel like I’m going to pass out today at work. *FAILS*