Meeting Valencia & Navel = Juse Down! Juse Down!!

MOOD: onigiri- terrified (Juse Down!!)
Quote Of The Day: “Considering he all most clawed me to death, no. He’s not a good match for me.” -Juse

So I told Lynn that me and reason A will go visit Valencia and Navel (kitten bros) at the Northlake PetSmart around 2pm today. She said she’d try to make it up there to meet us too. They are not kidding about this adoption thing. I don’t know if all adoption agencies are this strict, but they wanna met us, and make sure we’re good people. She hasn’t mentioned anything about the home visit? I wonder if that means we don’t have to have one? Not sure.

So in the pics that I saw online, the kittens looked small. Not tiny, but small to where u can still tell they were kittens. But when we got there, the volunteers that were scheduled to help us (Dorothy and Ian) showed us the “kittens” (I use this term loosely) and they were HUGE!! Literally they were full blown cat sized! In matter of fact they were bigger than other cats there that were older than them! What the heck! Not that I felt cheated or lied too, but like I told Dorothy, they were “much larger than I anticipated”. These cats were over 1.5 feet long. I mean they looked like little lions and me and reason A were NOT ready for that.

We wanted to welcome smaller kittens, so they could grow into their environment. Dorothy picked up Valencia and immediately handed him over to me and without even thinking, I reached out to catch him. He was like “Who the hell is this Asian chick and why are you giving me to her??” So he started making a run for it in my arms, and his hind leg dug into my chest as he was pushing off my body and scratched the living shit out of me!! At the time I just felt this strong sting. But after he escaped, and I looked down there was this 7-8″ long 4 toe scratch going down my whole chest starting from my neck!! OMG. I was immediately in pain but I just kinda brushed it off cuz of the chaos there. There were kids running around, cats running around, so many people trying to talk to me at one time, reason A asking me questions.

So after Valencia almost murdered me with his claws and him being as big as he was, we decided these bros were a no go. reason A saw a female cat named Grace that she kinda liked. She was much smaller, we thought she was younger, but how about she ended up being 1.5 years old and was already a Mom! *FAILS* reason A really liked her but she is really feisty. She was clawing at everyone. She was very pretty and alert. But she would have been too dominant to get along with any other cat, so that wouldn’t have worked either. *FAILS AGAIN*

Lynn told me to stop by their main facility which had over 300 cats. I use to volunteer there so I knew where it was at. But I also knew they didn’t house small kittens there. But it didn’t hurt to look so we decided to go visit. Lynn said that she’ll also keep a look out at all their foster homes to see who just had a litter of kittens. She really wanted me to adopt Valencia and Navel though and I was really trying to too, cuz Valencia was free! Lol. But I can’t do it. We started off on the wrong foot. It was obvious this was “not” the cat for me.

We went to the main office and saw literally cats everywhere. Lol. reason A thought it was overwhelming. She meant both the smell and the sight of 300 cats in one place. Lol!! Most cats there were HUGE, old and some handicapped. I felt bad for them, and call me selfish but I honestly don’t want a disabled or unhealthy cat. I know they need love too, but I can’t deal with the vet bills that come along with them, or the heartache if they end up passing.

Finally we headed home and honestly I was in so much damn pain now I couldn’t even walk without holding my chest. Mainly it was because my shirt was rubbing up against the scratch and irritating it. I had to get home and bandage it up!! I sure hope it doesn’t leave like a massive scar on my chest. Noooo!!! I won’t be able to wear low cut necklines anymore! Auhhh!! I’m gonna choke that damn cat to death! I should have taken pain killers but I didn’t. I used some Neosporin and then bandaged it up with gauze. -___-;;


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