Cat Supplies Worming Continues…

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Quote Of The Day: “All my funds go to Charlie now but a friend of mine just paid me $60 he owed me so now I feel lk I got $$$” -Adriana

Weather warmed up around noon time! Atlanta survives yet another snow session! Lol. We barely got anything, but u know we’re all paranoid. Since roads were clearing up, of course I had to go out worming for more cat stuff!! I swear these little brats are going to be so spoiled. I was still missing litter pan, cat carriers, and beds. Then I should have all the basics set. I just need more food!

I did some searching on PetSmart & Petco websites, and Petco was running a special on their beds! Reg. $19.99, online deal for $9! WHAT!! I need those damn beds! I printed off the page and took it to Petco with me to see if I could find the same one and check how much it was in store. I found what I thought were the beds, and asked associate to confirm that they can price match their own website, which most stores will do. I mean, it is the same company right? I just hate waiting for stuff online.

I ended up grabbing a totally different bed from the print out. Associate was snobby and like “Its not even the same sku!” *ROLLS EYES* I was a little embarrassed. She made it seem like I was trying to rip her off. I wanted those beds though! They were so soft and fluffy. I was like duh, how about I just look up now what price this sku is online! Ended up these were on sale too! So I got a price match from unwilling manager and got 2 beds for $9 each! Saved myself $20 right there. BOOM!

cat bed

Then I went to Pet Supermarket looking for carriers. Honestly, how often am I going to use carriers? I hate that I have to buy them at all!! But unlike dogs, u can’t just put a cat in the car and hope for the best, they will go berzerk! U have to put them in a carrier. I was thinking we can just take them home in a cardboard box, but let me tell u, if nothing else, this shelter is super strict! They will not allow u to take the cats if u don’t have a legit carrier, and no two cats in one carrier! Auhhh! The cheapest carrier I found was like $30. No way I’m buying 2 of those! Then I found these soft pop up ones that can fold down when not in use. They were only $12! No coupons, but cheapest I could find so I got them.

cat carrier


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