Same Damn Story, Different Damn Day

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Annoyed)
Quote Of The Day: “You’re just gonna have to work harder Sandy.” -Bossman

Bossman is back from MS, but right when I was about to run out after work, he stopped me and told me he needed to talk to me. I was like noooo!! I need to go worm for cat supplies! Why are you ruining my plans? Lol. Its never anything good when he has to whisper like that. I hate when he pullS secretive shit like this. So I pretended to use the restroom and hang around waiting for Bill to leave. I’m hoping Bossman will make this quick so I can go about my business.

He basically ended up telling me that we have a new vendor that we are working with. He has invested money into this vendor’s factory so that he can have some deciding power and that will help us greatly when it comes to meeting deadlines for orders here. He said this needs his full attention and dedication for about at least 6 months. With that said, this past week he spent the whole week in Mississippi. The general manager over there had requested off for a week. I’m assuming its his vacation time. He hasn’t taken a vacation since he started with the company, I think its been 2 years.

Bossman told me he originally asked Bill to go for a week to cover for him, cuz he has me here and for the most part, I can hold down the fort. I mean I don’t make manager wages, but I often have to cover their duties and my own and my neighbors! *FAILS* He said Bill didn’t refuse to begin with but the next day he came and told Bossman that he couldn’t do it cuz Ms. Lee said so! I was like WHAAT?? Bossman was pissed. He said that it is not out of line to ask one manager to cover for another one when they are out. He also said if this is part of his job then he needs to suck it up and do it and his wife shouldn’t dictate his job. What also pissed him off was that Ms. Lee doesn’t work here anymore yet she still gets a say so in the company? What the heck.

So since Bill couldn’t go, Bossman had to go himself. For once I guess he saw his time as valuable, so he thought it was a waste he had to spend it there. He told me he wants to get rid of Bill and asked me to start picking up his duties. I didn’t take it to heart cuz he’s literally been telling me that one day I will eventually take over Bill’s job ever since I started here. Uh, its been 7 years. When am I suppose to take it over? Like when I turn 60? Sorry buddy, I won’t be around for that. He told me that Bill is requesting off in April to go back to Taiwan to see his father. He said that would be a good opportunity for me to pick up from him what I don’t already know. He’ll have to teach it to me then cuz he’s leaving on vacay and needs me to cover, so to insure that everything runs smoothly, he’ll be glad to show me.

Another thing that Bossman said really ticked him off was that after June left, he asked Bill to put up and ad saying we’re hiring in the local paper. Bill never did that! Oh wow! How bold! He did however ask Bossman on multiple occasions if he could let Ms. Lee come back. O_O To which Bossman replied, “Hell to the no!” Lol. I swear this couple is bold. I know he really did piss Bossman off but I still don’t think he’ll get fired anytime soon. We’ll just have to wait and see. I know one thing, I WILL NOT be around to work 4 people’s job!! Ms. Lee’s, June’s, Bill’s and still my own?? U have got to be kidding me.


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