Tire!! Why U No Stay Inflated??

MOOD: onigiri- upset (Frustrated)
Quote Of The Day: “Are you sure no one is doing this on purpose??” -reason A

Welp. Tomorrows plans were to sleep in. Guess they aren’t anymore, since my co-worker went to his car, and noticed that I have a flat tire!! Noooo!!! Why is this always happening to me? Its happened like 3 times in less than 6 months! And of course reason A’s paranoid ass swears someone is trying to murder me! I told her the place where I work has a lot of big truckers, so the roads are often times covered with scrap metal or nails and things! No one is trying to murder my ass! Ugh.

But I am sick and tired of always having to go to Kauffman to fix my tire. They probably think I’m doing this on purpose to take advantage of them. Lol. I’m really not!! Its as much of a hassle for me as it is for them! Good thing I got a protection plan on all my tires. That means I get free tire plug ups if I get a flat, and if its beyond repair I get a free (or prorated) tire! Last time I had a flat, my tire was still within the wear and tear threshold but beyond repair, so they gave me a new tire. I got charged a $14 disposal fee, but the tire itself which was like $70 was free!! If I keep getting free tire replacements pretty soon I’m gonna have just 4 brand new tires. Lol. Not that I want this to keep happening. -__-;; There goes my Sat. again! Auhhh!!

Other than that, I don’t have any plans really. I was going to go first thing tomorrow morning to get it fixed, but then I thought to myself, screw it. I’m gonna asked to leave work an hour early and see if I can make it to Kauffman before 6pm. They close at 6. Like if I can get there at 5, that would be awesome, but I’m thinking I won’t get there til like 5:30pm. No!!! I need time to get that tire fixed. >_< That way I won’t have to wake up early tomorrow morning! Also, temperatures are so cold these days that it will also affect my tire pressure, and I don’t think letting a flat tire sit out for an extra night would be good. What if its completely flat tomorrow and I can’t drive to Kauffman?? That’s why I gotta try to make it today. If its not this, its that, I swear!! #asiangirlcantwin


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