Drama (Almost)…

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Meh)
Quote Of The Day: “I already told u. They’re clean.” -reason A

Welp folks. We almost had some drama last night. reason A walked into the kitchen and then I heard something drop. I ran over to look at what it was and she had broken a dish. People, ya’ll just don’t know. Its REALLY bad luck to break dishes on New Years!! I was so damn scared. I was definitely treading carefully. She didn’t say much, so I was like OMG, she’s gonna bust out in a rampage any minute now. But u know why?? Cuz the kitchen was a hot mess!! She had dirty dishes everywhere and that’s why one got knocked over and broke! So I dropped everything and ran into the kitchen and started to wash dishes. I washed a whole sink of dishes in no time whereas it would have taken her all day or more!! Ugh!

So after that, I could tell she was upset. She was mumbling under her breath. I’m sure she found it offensive that I rushed to wash dishes. Where as every other parent would be happy as hell that their kid is actually doing some damn work, I get grief about it!! What kinda life am I living?? Anyways, I didn’t care if she was mumbling or not. She didn’t even have space to cook cuz the whole freakin’ counter was covered with dirty dishes!! Its only 2 people!! Why the hell do we have so many dirty dishes?? I l already told her to put away some of them so that we are forced to wash the few we keep on rotation. Like only two bowls and two plates, etc. But She wants to literally use all the bowls and plates in the cabinets and run out before she washes any! FML.

Anyways, I put on the Chinese New Years show I downloaded from YouTube and watched that with her while we ate. That always cheers her up. Towards the end of dinner she was in a better mood. Not great but not as crappy. Man I swear everyday is a struggle.Things will change when we get our kittens though! Because u can always kill someone with cuteness!! Lol. Hopefully they’ll keep her occupied. I feel like she feels her life is unfulfilling. Maybe she just needs new “babies” to take care of since I’m growing up. Lol.


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