Happy Chinese New Year!

MOOD: onigiri- hooray (Celebrating)
Quote Of The Day: “Girl I got u a little pack of Friskers for $0.19!” -Adriana


Happy Chinese New Year!! This year is the year of the sheep. I don’t think anyone close to me is a sheep cuz they are either 12, 24 or 36 years old. Maybe Min was a sheep? Can’t remember. But anyways. Tradition is if its ur year, ur suppose to wear red underwear for good luck. I always thought that was funny cuz I didn’t know if u were suppose to just wear it on new years day or wear red underwear for the whole year!! Lol.

Weather has been rather inclement these past few days. It was raining like crazy on Monday and since weather was super cold, I was scared we’d have crazy black ice. But my morning commutes have actually been pretty smooth. I’m also super thankful that our power hasn’t gone out yet. Tanya and Adriana’s power both went out the other day. reason A said we live in a good location she just hates the neighborhood. *FAILS*

Since New Years Eve is landing on a Wed, and I have work tomorrow, we really can’t stay up too late. According to Chinese tradition, everyone stays up to welcome the new year. Not this grandma!! I’m taking my ass to bed after dinner! Lol. I think reason A is going to saute that huge fish we bought, and then make some crab legs, and there’s two other things I can’t remember. Lol. Then this weekend we’re having hot pot. Woot, woot!

I also got beer, and a ton of snacks yesterday. Then she calls a second ago and tells me we don’t have any pork belly at home. *FAILS* Guess I gotta stop by the store and grab that after work!


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