Operation: Kittens! (The Game Plan)

MOOD: onigiri- tired (Tired)
Quote Of The Day: “I mean obviously we can’t just put them in the middle of the living room.” -reason A

So I was almost done writing this blog and then I had a computer glitch, my screen froze and then it wiped out my blog entry. Noooo!!! I hate when that happens!! Auhhhh! Anyways, I was just basically saying that after consideration, me and reason A have decided we’re going to a adopt a pair of kittens instead of one! The idea occurred to me when I was reading online and at one of the shelters that I use to volunteer at called Furkids, require that all animals adopted out younger than 6 months have a “companion animal“ with it. Although I’m not too sure what that means, I’m assuming it means that its best if they are not alone. reason A said that she thinks one kitten will be lonely. Also at Furkids right now they’re doing a “adopt one get one free” kind of deal. One kitten is $125, so essentially u will be getting 2 for $125. Then, there’s an even better deal of if the applicant is over 62, u get half off that price! Lol. I was telling Adriana that if I can put it in reason A’s name that will be a steal of a deal! How funny that I’m using worming techniques to get a kitten. #winning

The only concern I have is that I read on there that they might come to ur house and inspect it to see if u are fit for an adoption. Uh, can we say “Oh shit?” Cuz I already said the house is inhabitable!! If they come inspect our house I know we won’t pass!! They’ll be like OMFG, these women are hoarders, we can’t give them a pet!! Or better yet, they’ll think we’re gonna start hoarding pets and become a pair of “crazy cat ladies” Lol. Gosh I hope not. After Chinese New Years is over, we’re gonna do some major cleaning.

I saw two pairs of kittens that might be a good fit. They’re sets of siblings I think. One set is like a grayish tabby and the other is like a yellow gold tabby pair. Kittens go fast, so if we wanna get them we need to haul ass.


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