Hubs Paperwork Update!

MOOD: onigiri- yeah whatever (Oh Brother!)
Quote Of The Day: “Not to bust ur bubble, but you’re not qualified.” -Juse

Bossman isn’t here all week!! He’ll be in MS, while Bosslady helps watch over the place. I think the manager there is on vacay and he can’t find a replacement so he went there himself for a week. I’d rather deal with Bosslady than Bossman anyday! As much as I can’t stand her, I don’t feel stressed around her, just annoyed. >_>

Sooooo last night we checked the mailbox and guess what came in the mail?? Kenny’s newest paperwork update!! Woohoo! It was my notice that said his petition got approved! Finally we get a case number assigned and now if we have any questions at least we have a reference to call in with. I was shocked mostly because I did not think it would ever come that fast! I’ve always been under the impression that the whole sponsorship process would take roughly a year. Ranjiba started her husband’s paperwork earlier than mine, so I’ve been using her processing time as a timeline for my own. Her husband’s petition got approve in 90 days! Which was already super fast! They were shocked at the time, and due to his job, it had caused a bit of a schedule conflict.

At the time I thought to myself. Oh wow. Just 90 days! Will I be ready for that? I mean although that doesn’t mean he comes in 90 days, but it does mean that that’s one third of the process! But come to find out mine was even faster!! It only took 45 days!! I didn’t know if I was happy about it or not! Remember I just had drama with reason A regarding Kenny literally 2 days ago. As volatile as that is, how prepared are we really for him to come right now??? I started to panic and get scared! I felt like I was having a meltdown. I told my friends that I felt excited but at the same time scared cuz Kenny was nearing his death! I can almost see it now. There will be blood shed! Its just a matter of time!

So this morning I told Kenny the news. He was shocked too!! 45 days is an insane amount of time! He was super happy of course. Its about to be Chinese New Years and he’s going to QingYuan tomorrow to celebrate with family. He told me he’s gotta make this New Years extra special cuz it might be the last New Years he gets to spend with them for a very long time. I told him to enjoy his time with family, but when New Years is over, he’s really gotta haul ass. One, he’s gotta eat, sleep and breath English from now til when he comes. He’s also gotta save, save, save! He needs to pay for his visa paperwork, his plane ticket, and I told him he can’t come empty handed either so he’s gotta have some extra money.

He said he understood all that. I spoke to Ranjiba about it and she thought it was crazy fast too. I asked her when she anticipated her hubs coming and she said like me, they’re aiming for the end of the year. That gives us both some time to get things situated. I need to clean the house. Its basically uninhabitable right now. I can’t tell reason A I’m cleaning out the house for Kenny’s arrival, she’ll be like f@ck that shit! So I’m saying we need to clean up to welcome the cats. XD

Ranjiba quit her job to go to London and live with the hubs, so she has exploited all her savings and so she has the same advice for her hubs, which is save, save, save; cuz she doesn’t have any savings for them to fall back on. She also told him to take driving lessons which come to think of it I need to tell Kenny to get on that band wagon too. Ugh!!

He started to annoy me a little bit when he started going off into Lalaland by telling me when he gets here he can still do his finance job. Uh, no u can’t buddy. U cannot get a finance job here when u speak no English. He said he can work with Chinese customers. It doesn’t matter!! All Chinese financial officers over here are bilingual! U just cannot get a decent job here without knowing the language! Ur only choices are like janitorial where u don’t have to deal with people or like working in a Chinese restaurant! Even if u work in McDonald’s ur ass has to speak English! I told him to brace himself and not think he can get some fancy shamancy job here!! Its not gonna happen! He has no education from here, language barrier, can’t drive, uh… What kinda job are u expecting?? I’d love for u to have a clean cut white collar job too but its probably not gonna happen! Snap out of it! You’ll take whatever job u can get! Boy I hope he really heard me. @__@;;

The last thing I want him to do is end up like my cousin’s husband and think he’s “too good” for shitty jobs and then sit at home all day looking online for “good jobs” knowing damn well he’s not qualified for them and then just end up being a bum. We cannot have that!! Ur ass is going to go out and work and u can’t be picky!!


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