Valentine’s Day = Regular Sat. + Drama Free (For Now) + Curtains!!

MOOD: onigiri- kawaii (Happy)
Quote Of The Day: “I really really really wanna spend next Valentine’s Day with you!” -Kenny

Well Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. I thought me and Kenny were gonna video chat, but that didn’t end up happening. I left the house super early to go get my oil changed, and I texted him, thinking we could video chat for a few minutes, but he didn’t respond to me in time. Since I was the first customer there, he was done with me in no time. I told Kenny in the V-Day card that we’ll probably get to celebrate Valentine’s Day together next year for real and he better do something romantic. I’m expecting flowers, dinner, the whole nine yards to make up for all these years that he’s done absolutely NOTHING for me. I want to get him in to the mindset that he’s gotta show major appreciation for me once he comes. I have had to go to hell and back to be with him and I am always showing him love and affection with cards, and designs, and packages and he never does anything for me! He just sucks!

When I got home from oil change, me and reason A had a quick brunch and we headed out. We had a lot of things to do and places to be. We had all that grocery shopping and then she wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to get art supplies, and most importantly, she wanted to buy curtains. So reason A is crazy, we’ve already established that. Well, sometimes at night, a car drives up to the neighbor’s house, and I explained this to her a BILLION times. When they don’t turn off the car, the headlights are bound to stay on. Who the hell turns their headlights off in the dark but leaves the car running. It might be their friend coming over or they’re picking someone up or dropping someone off, but regardless, most cars have automatic lights so they’re not purposely turning their headlights on to shine into our windows!! The car just happens to be there and their lights just happen to be on! But she doesn’t believe in coincidences, and she thinks the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD is out to get her!! She’s the most paranoid person I’ve ever seen in my fucking life!! So she thinks these “stalkers” always come by the house and purposely shine their headlights on our windows to bully us. WHAT??? Just listen to urself!! That makes NO DAMN SENSE!!

So her solution has been to put up some black bed sheets. Yes u heard me right. Bed sheets over the windows!! She nailed them down! We look like we live in an asylum!! I told her not to nail the bed sheet to the window, cuz what if u need to see who is outside, and peek out the window!! U can’t even look out in case of emergency! Like WTF!! So after all these years, she’s finally decided we should put up curtains. Fine! I am perfectly fine with curtains! That beats bed sheets over the window any day! So since I got my tax refund, we went out searching for curtains.

Who knew some damn curtains would be this hard to find! We finally settled on a silver set we found on Target clearance. We went to like 3 Targets looking for them! We finally found 4 panels which is for 2 windows. We already had a rod from our previous apt so we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy another similar rod, so that they would kinda match. All in all for 2 windows we spent $120 for curtains. Outside my budget by only $20 which is not that bad I guess, and point is we are yet another step closer to having the house look actually like humans live there, so I was happy. We had a pretty drama free day. We were very focused on getting curtains and no matter where we went, we encountered awesome customer service, so we were pretty happy.

Afterwards, we headed to Great Wall to do some last minute grocery shopping for Chinese New Years which is this Wed. We didn’t get home til almost 9pm. We were so damn exhausted. But I was happy that we were back to normal again. Thank goodness!!


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