No Bossman + Little Red Gets New Shoes + Bye Bye Dino TV = Happy Happy Day!

MOOD: onigiri- happy (Ecstatic)
Quote Of The Day: “Anytime Quita, don’t hesitate!” -Will

I had an awesome day yesterday!! Its so rare that I get to say that. Lol. First off, Bossman was still out of town and Bosslady didn’t come in to surveillance me so I was free~! I had a pretty relaxed day at work. It wasn’t that busy so I spent the whole morning watching Criminal Minds episodes, and spent the afternoon making my new Publix worm list.

A while back, I had lost 2 of Little Red’s hub caps. I have no idea when I lost one, but I did see when I lost the second one (both in the front). I was driving on Buford Hwy and I heard this little thump sound, I looked out my rear view mirror and saw a disk like thing just rolling away!! I was like WTF was that!! Then I realized oh no!! That’s one of my hubcaps! Auhhh!! Lol. But I couldn’t go get it cuz there was traffic and I was in the middle of driving. Noooo!!! So ever since then, I have been missing the front two. They’re mostly for esthetics so it didn’t get in the way of me driving or anything, but I have to admit it looked ugly. Its just like a person walkin’ around with dirty shoes. I mean they’re still functional but u can’t help but judge someone with some dirty ass shoes walkin’ around. reason A was embarrassed to go places with me! Lol. She said it was just so ugly!

Well I got lucky cuz a couple of months ago, my friend Will who works at Advanced Auto Parts said that he had a customer who ordered some hubcaps on their website but came in store to return them cuz they were the wrong size or something. All things that get returned back to the store were destroy items, and so he asked his manager if he could have them and dude said yes!! And Will asked me what size mine were and it was a perfect match! I was so happy! Not only were they new, it was a set of 4! Woohoo!! But due to all unforeseen drama, I never got to meet up with Will.

The other day, I went to Dollar Tree, and as I parked and was about to get out the car, an SUV pulled up next to me. It freaked me out cuz u just don’t sneak up on a girl in a parking lot!! U lucky I don’t karate chop ur ass! Lol. Well come to find out it was Will!! Lol. How coincidental was that! He asked me what I was doing in that part of town, I told him I had to pick up some stuff. He happened to have the hubcaps in his car so he gave them to me! Yays! Then he told me he was off Wed, and could come by and put them on for me!! XD

I also asked him if he could drag something to the dumpster for me. Sometime last year, my dinosaur TV broke. I’m talkin’ about it was the big box TVs from back in the day! It’s only 32″ but it was HUGE. Like mostly just frame and box, not so much screen. It’s so big, bulky and heavy that when I moved into my current house, me, reason A, Tanya and Tamika had to carry it together!! It wouldn’t fit in the car, and we had to use a bedsheet to pull it along!! It was just SO damn heavy! It took 4 women!! Then when the TV broke, we got a new flat screen and me and reason A had to move the dinosaur from the TV stand to the floor so we could set up the new TV and just moving it 1 foot almost killed us!! So because it was too big for the trash, and we really couldn’t move it any further, it sat on the living room floor next to the new TV for almost a year!! Lol! How fail is that! It took up that whole corner! O’man I should have took a picture. reason A kept asking me to ask Will if he’ll help us throw it away (because his apt complex has a huge dumpster) and we kept putting it off.

Since he was coming over to put on my hubcaps, I asked if he could go ahead and get rid of the TV for me! So of course he said sure. So I told him to come by after work. The whole time, me and reason A were trying to figure out how we were gonna do this. Obviously one person can’t carry it if it took us 4 last time. So I told reason A I could get one side, and Will can carry majority of the weight. reason A told me to be careful. Then I thought I’d have to drive over to Will’s apt with him, help him dump it and then drive back. I had my keys and wallet and everything ready.

Will comes over, and we show him the dinosaur and I asked him if he needed me to get one side, and he said, he’ll get a feel for how heavy it is first, and then let me know. So I’m standing there watching him, and how about he picked up the TV like it was NOTHING!!!


That was just crazy!! I figured a man could carry it more easily but he didn’t need my help at all!! That’s crazy! Like he was Superman!! And the funny part was, he said after he picked it up “Oh, its not that heavy, it just looks heavy” I was like WTF!! But it took us 4 women to carry it and Tanya can lift a ton of weight cuz she works at UPS and she lifts heavy boxes all day long! That’s just crazy. So he got the dinosaur in his SUV and we were good to go! He said he can just dump it himself, and he put my hubcaps on! Now Little Red looks pretty again with new shoes!! I was so happy! Lol. It was an awesome day. Thanks Will!! Men are useful after all!! Lol.


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