Work Stuffers + American Idol + Target Lurking

MOOD: onigiri- lightsaber (Workin’ It)
Quote Of The Day: “I had a single noodle. I figured I could pack the other strand of noodle for u for lunch.” -Kenny

Today was a slow and busy day at work. #howdoesthatwork Mainly we didn’t have any clients come in but I was busy trying to finish up January’s accounting paperwork as well as get together end of year tax info for the corporate accountant. This is my first time ending the year so hopefully everything goes right. *GULPS* I just made a copy of every damn thing I had and put it in the package. Its always better to over prepare than under-prepare. Lol.

This week went by really fast! I was pretty busy but thank goodness it has been steady and not swarming! Whew! Tonight is American Idol night again. The two reality shows me and reason A follow pretty religiously now are American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. The dancing of course, reason A doesn’t have to speak the language to enjoy that show. Same thing with music. I think that’s why she likes watching them. She rarely watches any talk shows unless they’re cooking related. Lol.

After work today, I’m going to Target to stalk a tumbler. I think its a Valentine’s one but its so stinkin’ cute! I have to find that!!! Although I have more than 10 at home now. I swear I hoard everything. -__-;;


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