Productive Monday… Like A Boss!!

MOOD: onigiri- happy hands (Move It, Move It)
Quote Of The Day: “Will you visit me in British jail?” -Ranjiba

Its about to hit our business season. I have been pretty busy for the past week, and have almost had to pull overtime a few days. When June left I was super worried that we still won’t have any help by busy season (right now) and I’ll be doing everything by myself. Just the thought of it gave me anxiety. But guess what? It IS busy season now and yes I’m still by myself, we haven’t found anyone to replace her, and… My ass is handling my shit!


I really thought I would be more stressed than I am! I think I’m handling it pretty good! Sometimes when work stresses me out, I feel like crying. Most of the time I do end up crying. So for us to be so short handed, and I haven’t had a mental breakdown yet, I’m doing pretty good!! Lol. I think I got this! Well, for the time being at least I do. >_>

I was pretty productive today. I started January’s accounting paperwork, finished cutting and sorting all my coupons, and did some other random stuff. Pretty productive for a Monday if u ask me! Lol.


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